Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Is it only truly alone
That I may know God?
Together with others
I have the illusion of separateness
Yet not aloneness.
In the aloneness
And solitude,
Where only God
Can come,
Silent and speechless

And I afraid and trembling
Can answer only  that I am
Mine and yours and us

Hopefully not so utterly alone
This essential minuteness connected
With all and yet separate
And alone
Related but indivisible
Divisive but not subtracted,
Some numerological oneness
An entity but apart
From this other
That is, and will be
And ever has been and shall be
Myself, alone.

Or somewhere in between.
One foot present, one foot past
Straddling the becoming future
Beingness and vibrant
Alone, all one.

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