Saturday, October 22, 2011

Princeton, BC - Hunting

Princeton was one of the first places I hunted in BC back in the late 80's.  I was driving a old VW Rabbit then. I tried to get up the icy logging road without success.  I parked the Rabbit and hiked the trails.
Another time I'd get caught on the top of a mountain when a blizzard came in.  I had to hike back to the Astro Van I had at the time.  I had chains but the road down was icy from the sleet and snow. I skiied and skidded down the mountain switchbacks thankful to get to the highway at the bottom alive.
I've shot mule deer here.  I've shot a lot of grouse too.
I've camped in little tents and stayed in several of the hotels and cabins in the area.  Princeton has great accomodation.
This time I 've come with the Ford F350 diesel 4x4 Harley Davidson Edition truck and the Polaris Sportsman 500 ATV.
The Polaris Sportsman 500 ATV has been serviced and all souped up since my last time out.  The guys at FiveSports in Chilliwack put in another gun rack, a gas can and rack, as well as a windshield and heated hand grips as well as a heated thumb throttle.  I love it.
The rain turned to sleet this morning and when the sun came up there was no heat till the afternoon.  DSCN9707
DSCN9712I'm staying at Canada Best Buy Princeton Inn. It's pet friendly and has a hot tub.
DSCN9711Today it was cold in the morning. I had a slow start so was able to get sausage and eggers for Gilbert and I at the drive through A&W.
I saw several doe but no bucks. I actually came on a herd of 8 does at one point. I sure was trying to put horns on one of those.
A doe and young one waited in a field for me to take a picture of  the young one.
DSCN9717At noon I was back in town getting an Elk tag at the great Princeton Outdoors Store. I bought my three piece cammo hunting outfit there and have used it for years. They're as knowledgeable and helpful with hunting information as they are with trout fishing.
DSCN9720I shot a grouse. I shot it in the head with my Ruger Stainless Steel Semi Auto 22 Rifle.  Gilbert was ecstactic. Perhaps tomorrow I'll find the elusive immature moose or a buck or a 6 point elk.  I could even shoot a bear if I found one.  The later in the season, the more inclement the weather, the more game possibilities.   DSCN9719DSCN9723DSCN9724

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