Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dinner at Athenes

As usual the lamb was delicious.  We discussed the seminal work of Ferenzi, the new atypicals contribution to mood therapy, the effect of premature ejaculation on women, and the success of his family. He'd just attended a performance of the National Ballet. His friend Karen Kain had introduced him to Emily Molnar.  "I really am enjoying what she is doing for Ballet BC," I said.  We moved on to talk Of Mice and Men, the play he'd enjoyed performed at the Stanley.
We talked of motorcycles some. and the True Grit remake. "I've always loved westerns," he said.  Not surprising given his love of horses.  I told him about my cowboy uncle.  Together we laughed at the New Yorker cover of Steven Jobs. We both heard his remarkable speech 6 years before when he'd thought he had the cancer beaten.
Discussing lapses of memory I told him.,  "I couldn't remember my past lives at all." I suspected he didn't remember when he'd been ruller of the universe either.
As I was leaving I told him that people would think all we'd talked about was women and sports.  And in a way, I guess, we did.

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