Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flu Shot

I got my flu shot today. I'm disappointed that I haven't had any of the popular psychosomatic hysterical reactions that I was supposed to get. I have developed an extra purple head that is speaking to me in an alien tongue but I've also noted that my feet have become mellons.  I actually feel pretty good. I don't know if I'll wake from sleep.  The doctor was really professional and didn't look like he was getting kickbacks from large pharmaceutical companies. I didn't get a handshake from Dick Chaney.
Last year I had the flu bad and I didn't get a flu shot.  This year I made a point not to miss it. I'm really glad my parents got me measles and mumps shots as a kid.  I didn't get any of the tropical disease when I went overseas and took all the preventions recommended.  This flu shot is the latest in science.  Even if it is Halloween around the corner, offered the choice between the space shuttle and a broom for a trip to outer space I'd still take the space shuttle.  Thanks for the Flu Shot. I'm feeling really good about having had it this year.  Maybe it was the doctors technique but my arm hasn't swollen and doesn't hurt either.
My goodness it's all rather mundane with the potential benefits being awesome.

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