Sunday, October 16, 2011

God's Plan

A central belief of Christianity is that God exists, that God is in relationship with us, individually and collectively, and further that God has a plan.  A plan is a concept that is difficult to sink one's teeth into given the qualities of God that include omniscience and omnipotence.  God is in time and out of time.  Time is a creation of God.  It is not as Einstein portrayed a fixed reality as in E=MC2.  Neutrino research shows even this equation may be limitted by the conception of the mind of man.  This reality is further but a minor reality in the potential of God's reality.  The obvious proof of this humbling reality is the child's microscope and the pond scum.  We naturally may be such to a greater reality or may be in parallel. Given the infinite nature of God all is possible.
So why is plan a problem.  God, being omniscience and omnipotent, knows all, present and future.  The potential possibilities for my life, if I include the reality of miracles, possible even in the physics of string theory, then those possibilities are infinite, limitted only by my imagination.  Today could be a day of spaceships and blossoming cathedrals, house shaped butterflies and infinite love in the universe.  All's possible with God.
So God's plan is something that is.  My life is but a thread and series of points in this tapestry of colour and sound and sense.  I am a part of a greater experience. My role is light in the darkness, I hope. But as all is God, the canvas, the darkness and the light, only I am necessarily moving towards the light as one moving away from pain.  There are those that would say embrace the pain and darkness and don't fear death as there is no 'real' death in the eternal God.  Eastern religions believe in reincarnation. Early Christianity shared this theme.  Waste and lack of respect for the present made discouraged suicide in the west yet left it as acceptable in the east, from a strictly intellectual basis.
God's plan is said to be the return of Jesus, messiah, healer, son and love incarnate.  Theoretically I should or could allign my life with God's plan by following as well as I could the Bible which is the world of God.  A Hindu similiarly might follow the Bhagadvagita. A Moslem, the Koran.  Each, religiously would be acknowledging a reality greater than their own mere conception and seeking knowledge of God's plan through the writing and teaching of those who devoted themselves to this or had inspiration and insight they believed was from God personally.
I'm praying for the knowledge of God's plan for me personally.  I want to know what God would want me to do even today as God is the potter and I am the clay as the song goes.  I am by the best of my intellectual reckoning a second thought.  The prime mover,God, is not limitted by the nano seconds even of Ideation.  God's plan is instantaneous.
My friend Tom and I were talking about character defects some years back. He told me that he figured that he had some black marbles in a jar of otherwise fine white marbles. He'd been trying to get the black marbles out, first by trying to shake them to the mouth of the jar, and then by spilling the jar on the table, trying not to lose white marbles that way, and picking out the black marbles.  Then one day he figured that since God was all he could pray to God to turn the black marbles white and save the wear and tear on the jar.  He's been doing that since and last I heard was flying at the speed of a volkswagon bus in a plane somewhere over Alberta.  Tom's kind of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull sort.
I personally am reading the Bible and Millard Erikson's Christian Theology along with Emmett Fox's insights on Biblical wisdom. Today, being Sunday,  I'll go to church and join others in the celebration of their experience of God, search for God, desire for God in their lives, the experience of God in community and hear if the priest has anything to say about God's plan, especially God's plan for me.

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