Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tacheeda Lake Recreational Site

Recreational Sites are cleared areas in the woods often by lakes where a picnic table has been set up. Often there's a firepit and sometimes there's even a outhouse.  We've got picnic tables, and a firepit.  The lake is here but I've not seen an outhouse. Partly that's because this Forest River Mini Lite Travel Trailer has it's own toilet and hotwater shower along with heater and stove and refridgerator.  There's even an electric heater on the mattress. I'm not lacking in comfort on this 'roughing it' hunting trip.Glamour girl Laura does her nails and reads fashion magazines while we're out in the woods hunting for moose.  When we get back at night she has a hot meal waiting though and her presence has protected the camp from humans if not chipmunks and the occasional black bear.
I'd left Canyon Alpine RV Park outside Boston Bar ealry morning and driven 10 hours to Prince George.  There I bought food for a week filling the RV.  It was about $750 supplies. We couldn't find our way out of town and had to ask directions. The signage in Prince George is absent or confusing.  Locals know their way about so it's obviously an invitation for outsiders to stay and wander about enjoying the town lost.
Following Highway 97 past the Bear Lake Community Store I turned off the highway at the Chuchinka Red Forest Service Road.  We entered this gravel and dirt road folllowing a couple of other trailers.  I was thankful for their example which seemed to say they knew the way and had done this backwoods off road trailering countless times before. It wasn't long though before they pulled ove rand a delightful older gentleman in flannel shirt walked back to say this was his first time up here and asked if I knew the way/  I didn't. I only had  instructions on how to get to the campsite Luke and Sonny ahd set up and the same Northern BC backwoods map book they had.  We left them on the road deciding where they were going to stay the night while we drove on to Tacheeda Lake.  There were three small recreational areas with a half dozen campsites each on  on this long beautifully blue lake.    Luke and Sonny  were waiting were waiting for us in the solo campsite at the north of the lake, right on the water with lots of room for the trailer.
With  Sonny and Luke helping  I got the trailer unhitched and  set up.  The sun was going down and the moon rising over the lake before we knew it.  Laura walked Gilbert around so he could sniff and pee on everything . We talked some, glad to be together, happy that the moose hunt had begun.  The bad news was the Sonny's work made it impossible for him to stay more than the weekend. He had to go back to Vancouver to deal with the family business.  We were as sad as he was but at least we had the weekend all together.    I was exhausted by the drive.  So we didn't talk much before I was headed for bed.  Last thing before falling asleep I thought  what  paradise I was in looking out the trailer window  looking at the glassy moonlit lake.
In the morning the hunt would begin.  We were up at dawn and it was a beautiful morning with a lonely northern loon calling over the lake. DSCN0082We were in the area where moose, bucks, elk , grizzly and black bear were to be found. We had tags for moose, mule deer, white tail deer and black bear.  We'd also be able to shoot grouse, my favourite tasty chicken,  my cockapoo Gilbert's favourite, too.DSCN0084 .


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