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Alpine Canyon RV Park September 2010

DSCN9631Brent and Brenda greeted us as we came into Alpine Canyon RV Park just off #1 past Boston Bar.  We had our previous site #3 again. It was good to see them. "Where have you been," we missed you they said.  Here, there and everywhere. We'd been always wanting to get back here sooner but hadn't  quite made it.  We took the Kokahalla back from the Sturges North motorcycle rally in Salmon Arm or we'd have stopped here on that trp.
Laura loves the tranquillity. I love the safety.  It's a fenced community and Brent keeps a close eye on all the comings and goings, even me with my early morning departures on the Polaris ATV.DSCN9639
DSCN9634"Bowhunting season opened Sept. 1", I told him showing him my Canadian made Excalibur Exomax cross bow.   "There's alot of deer and bear been sited along the logging roads on the other  side of that hill, " he pointed to the back of his property.  "Springs and sockeye are running in the river, too."  "Gilbert prefers hunting to fishing, " I said.  Gilbert cocks his head and becomes all ears when I mention his name in conversation.
DSCN9680Laura likes the cleanliness. "It's so well kept," She said later,  "They even rake the sites."
DSCN9681It's not long before we're settled in hooked up to water, electricity and sewage.  Laura has the chicken heated up in the microwave, Gilbert getting bits and pieces at every stage of the preparation.  After picking up the Polaris ATV at Ryan's in Chilliwack and fetching the Rockwood Minilite RV , we'd stopped at the grocery in Hope for ready made summer salad, baked chicken and potato salad.  I've hooked the tv  up so we can eat late dinner watching a mob movie based on the true story of the Irish Italians in New York during the hey day of coke dealing. It 's certainly a different world from the star lit spruce canopied world outside our trailer.  Lying in bed  in the quiet, looking up at the stars through the skylight feels like we're in paradise. Gilbert is lying on the comforter between us.  At least his little bum is pointed downward so I don't have to spin him around. He likes his comfort.
DSCN9668In the morning, Gilbert and I leave Laura in bed to go off hunting big game. From Gilbert's point of view we ride around on the ATV alot. His master doesn't shoot the three doe that walk right across the road in front of him. He doesn't shoot the two ruffed grouse.  There's all kind of bear shit. When we get off the ATV and climb up the mountain trails he doesn't let me roll in anything stinky.  It's a really great time but I'm glad to get back to Laura in the afternoon because she has more treats for me.DSCN9638DSCN9673DSCN9686DSCN9690DSCN9687DSCN9640DSCN9672DSCN9648DSCN9693DSCN9694DSCN9683DSCN9684DSCN9671

As it turned out I saw several doe and grouse.  One big black bear was down a ravine some 250 yards off.  I could have taken a body shot but I know from experience a bear can run 50 yards with a bullet through the heart.  Right behind the bear was a drop off to a thickly wooded valley.  If I didn't kill it with one shot I'd be tracking it in that jungle. Even if I did kill it I didn't know how I was going to get it up the ravine even with the Polaris Sportsman winch. I didn't have hundreds of feet of rope. When I was younger I'd never have thought of any of this and taken the shot whatever.  This day I decided I'd try a head shot. God willing that would kill him dead and I'd just have to figure out how to get him up.  If the bear was the winner then he'd learn a valuable lesson today that would cause him to live a long life.  The lesson: don't stand staring a men with guns pointed at you. Run. I took the shot. And boy did that bear run!  Later target practicing I figured I'd not shot low enough for a downhill shot.  The bear was 3 or 4 so maybe in a decade or so when his memory is failing I might get another go at him.  I'd taken the shot with my Ruger 30:06 rife.  Bear season had opened for rifle but deer and everything else could only be shot with a bow.  I had a lot of fun though shooting targets with the Excalibur Exomax cross bow. What a beautifully crafted bow.  I've taken deer with cross bow and hit them with black powder rifle too but only when I've been able to wait in ambush along a well and recently used deer trail. There were tracks everywhere but new to this region I just haven't found where the deer are moving.  Another year my Excalibur Exomax will do the job.  If the bear had been closer too I'd have used the bow too.  When I got back to Alpine Canyon RV Camp
Laura made up bacon sandwiches which Gilbert and I devoured.  Brent had been down to the river and brought back fresh caught sockeye.  I shared the story of our travels and hunting on the ATv and he said, "There's a logging road back there that's supposed to go all the way to Merrit."  I could believe it. The trails back of the mountain were endless. Gilbert and I did a lot of miles just for the joy of exploring and seeing more of the beautiful country.

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