Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Northern British Columbia Wilderness Trail Photography

There's a great myth that there's nothing in the wilderness. Trees, flowers, bird, animals and bugs abound with all the wonders of natural life.  In addition there are a surprising number of man made objects that add in their own way to the scenery.  As I'm out walking or driving on the ATV hunting I see 'stuff' and photograph it. There are also views that catch my eye.  I'm looking first for moose and deer but can't help but be captivated by all the other special sites. The scents are truly unbelievable yet to date there's no way of sharing that. The sounds are something else too. There's the rumble of the Polaris ATV engine or the silence of the woods when you first sit down.  A little after the silence the insects start up, then the birds come round and often a chipmunk will let the world know you're there and bothering it.  After a while this gossip shuts up. It's then you listen for the sound of deer and moose and bear. Often I hear animals I know by sound walking through the woods but can't see them.  Stalking through the woods I will also startle birds and animals at the last moment. I startled a couple of sand hill crane in a marsh.  I have a whiskey jack picture I love.  There's Gilbert with a moose antler which he thinks is a very big bone. There's logging pictures, and clear cut and stuff lying about in the woods, old cars and such.  Then there's mushrooms and flowers and terrific scenery. I've literally been quiet enough and fortunate enough to be able to walk up on a deer and watch it wake from sleep. It's really exciting to be quiet in the woods but I also love the distances I can travel by ATV.  These are a mix of pictures I've taken this last hunting trip. They're a conglomerate of images with no where else really to put them.  Most of my pictures are taken with my Nikon Coolpix S9100 because I carry that on my belt in a pouch alongside my knife, ammunition and leatherman. A few are taken with my Nikon D5000 digital SLR. This tends to live in the truck or the boot of the ATV.  I justDSCN0088 wanted to share them.DSCN0225DSCN0199DSCN0259DSCN0260DSCN0241DSCN0242DSCN0090DSCN0315DSCN0277DSCN0306DSCN0266DSCN0237DSCN0252DSCN0096DSCN0120DSCN0131DSCN0133DSCN0317DSCN0201DSCN0205DSCN0192DSCN0288DSCN0289DSCN0287DSCN0286DSCN0290DSCN0191DSCN0188DSCN0135DSCN0248DSCN0134DSCN0292DSCN0265DSCN0211

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