Sunday, December 12, 2010

Handel's Messiah - Vancouver Bach Choir and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Handel's Messiah was a wonderful experience tonight. The Vancouver Bach Choir, founded in 1930, was a thorough delight. What a rush to join the full house of the Orpheum rising en mass to the Hallelujah chorus. The Vancouver Symphony strings were transcendent, t

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he horn and kettle drums so impressive.
Leslie Dala is the Music Director of the Vancouver Bach Choir. Tonight he was the finest conductor. Soprano Allison Angelo stole the show with pure notes rising from the depths of her soul and filling the Opheum on wings. Having so enjoyed tenor Colin Ainsworth's clarity with the Vancouver Opera in Lillian Ailing this fall it was a delight to hear him so soon again. Mezzo Soprano Lauren Segal was certainly a presence while Alexander Dobson's baritone had power.
Laura and I were so thankful that Baptist Ivan and Anglican Anne were already going so Anglican me and Catholic Laura could mobilize to come along. What more thoroughly radical way to begin a Christmas season than to attend the utterly politically incorrect Handel's Messiah!

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