Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christ, Friendly Man

I heard of you as a child,
The friendly man
Who died for me.
I didn't want you to die.

I was glad when I learned you were alive
Just that I couldn't see you,
Unless I tried.
I mean really tried,
As I still try.
To see you in every helping hand
And every needy person
In everyone really.

I'd rather see you resurrected,
Walking in light across the room
Smiling. Better still laughing.

When I was small, I was afraid.
So many people and things were so very big.
I liked there was a friendly man,
An important friendly man.
I didn't like that he had died.

Now as a man, I am perhaps more frightened,
Of the big people in big stupid groups with big nasty power,
The same people who killed God who came to earth to save us
From them, I guess, and from ourselves.

Jesus Christ is God
We kill God.
Now we celebrate his birth
Just in time to kill HIm all over again on Good Friday.
What a strange lot we are, I am.

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