Thursday, December 30, 2010

Burnaby Cariboo Walk with Gilbert

I've walked Gilbert dozens of times along these Burnaby trails. Usually I'm out before work in the dark or at night in the dark after work. Occasionally I see the trails in the daylight. Then there are usually other people out then too. I feel a bit proprietorial then. They weren't out pushing their strollers,bicycling, jogging or power walking in the darkness when Gilbert and I, the coyotes, cougars and other wild creatures were making use of the park. They are definitely fair-weather park users. Gilbert's desire to pee has me out in the parks in blizzards and down pouring rains so heavy only the occasional other dog and owner is out there. That's when Gilbert comes alive wanting to cavort, hump and generally doggy socialize while the other owner and I share dog comments in passing.
Today though I took a camera just to remember all the things I take for granted when I take Gilbert to his lieu.

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Location:Woodlake Ct,Burnaby,Canada

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