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Canadian Authors Association - Vancouver Branch -AGM -2011

The Canadian Author's Association Vancouver Branch held their Annual General Meeting at the White Spot Restaurant near Stanley Park. Caesar Salad with Entrees of either Tuscan Chicken Pasta, Roast Turkey, Fish and Chips, or Blackened Cajun Chicken were offered at the low price of $25 a plate, gratuities included. While choices were being made, Forest Hume, husband of past president , Margaret Hume, informed us that the Cajuns were originally the Acadians from Newfoundland. In keeping with political correctness and the august occasion we refrained from telling Newfie jokes.

Bob Mackie, present president and author of "Horse Soldiers" to be released in January of the coming year, ran a tight meeting. It helped for some that wine was served with the meal. As glasses were rapidly emptied the agenda and minutes of last meeting were approved. A letter from Patrick Taylor, author of a Country Irish Doctor, now residing on Salt Spring Island was read expressing his sorrow in his absence. Given the popularity of his highly successful series, he was barely forgiven.

Prolific and Adventurous Anthony Dalton, President of the National Canadian Authors Association and with something like 5 books published this year and next, shared that our robust chapter was known for it's activity. I'm delighted now to have a signed copy of Anthony Dalton's latest Amazing Stories, Polar Bears, published by Heritage House, 2010. CanWrite 2010 organized by Jean Kay with the help of Perry Wilson had been a resounding success much talked about across the country.

Annual Reports were given. The 2010 CAA Executive had included Margaret Hume, Anthony Dalton, Robert Mackay, Ben Nuttall-Smith, Perry Wilson, Joyce Goodwin, Jane Hall, Barbara Mumford, Bernice Lever, Jean Kay and Carol Tulpar.
This year's executive, showing only modest signs of press ganging, voted in unanimously , were Robert Mackay, President; Margaret Hume, Past President;Perry Wilson, Vice President and Program Chair; Doris Kavanagh-Gray;Treasurer; Jane Goodwin, Membership Chair; Ben Nuttall-Smith, Publicity Chair; Douglas Cameron Aitken, Writer's Circle Coordinator;David Roberts, Executive Member at Large; Rush Harvey; Webmaster; West Coast Writers Editor, Carol Tulpar and Bernice Lever, Writer-in-Residence.

With the business part of the meeting concluded the writers collectively changed into scanty party clothes, donned pointy hats, Rocky Horror Picture costumes, and to the Sound of Music soundtrack competing with musical Cabaret,

began doing cancan on the tables. After this briefest of interludes they then took their seats and listened attentively to the readers.

Jan Furst read Peace on Earth, "Thank heaven for Little Girls." Having completed another National Novel Writing November, Perry Wilson shared 'fairy talking...supernaturals...keening...spirit in the jug" which was part of the explanation for the collective death of vampires. It was the closest she could come to something Christmas like. Ben Nuttall-Smith gave a thrilling reading from his newest novel, "Blood,Feathers and Holy Men" to be released in January, 2011.
Carol Tulpar read "Decorating Christmas Trees", with each decoration a moment of nostalgia. Bernice Lever read a Gingerbread poem from her collection about 'my gingerbread dream house." Joyce Goodwin read her "Hole in the Heart of New York City" poem from the 2010 poetry Anthology. Elizabeth Carroll read Christmas memories of sleigh rides and pranks from one of her several newspaper columns. Leila shared "seeking the infinite" a truly inspiring contribution. Elaine Burk's contribution was by far the funniest as she read stories of Horrace Morris Leonard the Third. David Roberts read "an underground encounter" a story of his meeting fame in London. Jean Kay concluded with her "Christmas Angel Poem" which said "Love still is the very best gift to give."

After that the authors rushed the table in an ill mannered rout grabbing up the books that came from contributions to the Canadian Author's Association contests. Bob Mackie and Jean Kay did their best to keep these ravenous readers orderly to no avail. After ensuing punch ups and squabbles over favored books, the meeting was adjourned. Hand shakes and hugs were shared with European kisses at the conclusion of another uniquely Canadian event.

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