Friday, April 9, 2010

Refuge of Lies

Refuge of Lies opened tonight to a packed Pacific Theatre audience. Ron Reed, the playwright, is to the Holocaust what Paul was to the Cross. The theological implications of this masterpiece were as profound as the acting was moving.

Terrence Kelly's performance as a Dutch war criminal Christian convert, Rudi Vanderwaal ,was sheer genius. Howard Siegel portraying Simon Katzman, his Jewish accuser, was equally outstanding. Anna Hagin's performance as Rudi's wife, Netti, was heart touchingly real. The whole cast, including Anthony Ingram as Rudi's pastor, Erin Mahoney as Simon's neice, and David Nykl and Kerri Norris as Rudi's loyal friends made this play a piece de resistance. Even the Jessica Howell bathtub prop was obviously a product of in depth consideration.

Refuge of Lies should be mandatory for every pastor, rabbi, iman or priest today. The Pope is struggling with sex scandals of the church, as state and religious authority collide. The Canadian military turning prisoners over to the Afghanistan military for torture and death beg the question of who is responsible. Israel builds settlements in East Jerusalem that Obama calls 'illegal' while Iran would have nuclear weapons to settle the "jewish question" once and for all. Refuge of Lies is a play for anyone who would understand the depth of news and how the Holocaust must be remembered lest we forget and repeat it's horrors

Refuge of Lies asks when is justice revenge and most importantly can Grace change a man. Can the murderer Abraham be redeemed by God? As the BC courts consider television coverage at trials the very question of what is private between man and wife and man and God is tested here in dialogue and acting.

Ron Reed's daring and challenging play is simply a must see and must feel play. It is truly a baptism of theatre and spirituality.

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