Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bungalow Motel – Harrison Hot Springs

It's such a favourite place that I fear writing about it will make it even more popular than it is. I've been coming for over a decade. The people who run it are truly wonderful. They have the best ice cream in summer too. Great little cabins with showers and kitchens. But they not only look like rustic cabins at the lake, they feel like it too, nestled amidst old spruce trees. My window looks out on Harrison's Lake with the snow and cloud painted mountains beyond.

I think I first came here when I hunted up the lake. I never got any deer, only a grouse or two but loved the hikes and views. Coming back to the cabin to cook up grouse and later read was all I could want. I was exploring the area around Harrison's back then, finding the hot springs in the mountain that you could only hike too. Now I take the trip up from Vancouver mostly to enjoy the walks and the hot springs themselves.

I brought this gorgeous woman up with me and she really enjoyed hanging out by the swimming pool. I'd never know there was an outdoor swimming pool before until she got into her bikini and I followed her there. There's a beach in front too for evening walks. The promenade on the other side begins just across the street and runs all the way through town to the Spa. Soon I'm going to walk the city block or two to the town hotsprings and take 'the healing waters'. For now, Laura's boiled up a cup of beef broth for us.

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