Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gilbert Hay

Gilbert Hay is a 6 week old cockapoo. His father was Jimmy, a shadow poodle while his mother was Angel, a fancy cockerspaniel.
Deborah Mitchell, former US Navy Commander, after 20 years of service including time in Guam, moved to Coupeville, Whidbey Island to fulfill her dream of raising dogs.
Dtresor Kennels is a located in her delightful homestead in the country. I was really pleased to find Gilbert so well cared for and with such great personality. Something to do with having ducks and geese for neighbours and lots of happy dogs for company.
He was shy at first but he loved to be held and soon his little tongue was licking my neck. Deb was a wealth of information. Though I'd raised puppies I was very thankful for all her thoughtful advise. She's really a great lady. Hard to think of her in Navy uniform.

Then Gilbert and I were alone together driving home in my Ford Ranger Truck. With high pitched cries he let me know he didn't like being in the cage. I got him out while he peed with excitement all over my blue jeans. He preferred my lap after that. Then he curled up on the armrest and slept most of the way home. I took a couple of rest stops, taking him on a beach where he ran along behind me. I'm his mommy and his safety obviously. He only walked at a truck stop to follow me and let me know he preferred to be carried.

At the Border all that Deb had given me was just what they needed. I only had to pay the duty or tax or whatever it was for having spent more than my day's allotment. Nothing really. Then Gilbert and I were back on the road again. I liked that I passed a few Harleys and he took an interest in the 'loud pipes'.

When I got him back in town Laura was overjoyed to meet him, friends right off. Angel, the cat, on the other hand sniffed him over and was initially curious and friendly but when he bounded across the bed to her like they were long lost friends, she hissed. At puppy high speed he returned to my side and burrowed under my back. A while later he poked his head out and looked over at Angel with new found respect. Maybe because Angel has his mother's name he got a little confused but Angel the cat nipped that in the bud.

Now he's napping with his little head on the pillow.

I phoned my 91 yo Dad this morning and apprised him of the new member in the family. All the guys where he lives wanted to know the breed and he had trouble remembering it was a "cockapoo....I knew it was a cockle something." My cousin Wayne, the logger, had one who road everywhere with him in his truck. Best of friends.

Gilbert Hay was the friend of Robert the Bruce in Scottish history. Another Gilbert was a poet and then of course there's Gilbert and Sullivan. He's a musical sort of guy. Already he's showing the personality of a poet and the loyalty of a king's best friend.


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