Sunday, February 28, 2010

Suburban Mayhem

This movie is genius.

The movie should be required viewing for all judges and juries. It's would make an ideal case study for any psychologists or psychiatrists with the question, "and what would you do differently".

It's an Australian production that could never have been made in America because quite frankly it could well be a metaphor for America. Winnipeg's Guess Who wrote the song banned throughout the US, America Woman. It was just this kind of woman the song was about.

Katrina is a clinically accurate portrait of the true female psychopath. Her sociopathic brother ends up in jail because the 'system' can deal with men but is wholly incapable of dealing with the new age female version of an ancient and most endearing mask of the devil. The movie shows just why the 'system' fails when it comes to women but it in no way enlightens us as to how things could be handled differently. With a docu drama twist, it is a truly violent action flick that turns into a witchy horror film. Like watching a snake dance I couldn't keep track of all the moves and didn't see the strikes coming when they did. That's the genius of writer and director. The acting is all superb.

The women and men in the movie are unable to deal with Katrina's sexual manipulations. A regular blue collar Cleopatra she demonstrates well how women can use sex and proxy violence for social terrorism. The movie captures the Eva Braun Syndrome to a tee. Absolutely a must see.

Writer: Alice Bell (only a woman could have the balls to write this!)

Director: Paul Goldman

Katrina: Actress Emily Barclay

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