Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday morning with Laura, Gilbert and George

We slept in till 9 am.  Laura and I changed the sheets before bed.  She likes that and I notice I do after she initiates the process.  I understand how easy it would be to ‘let go’, stop with the clean sheets and showers.  I have to clean the place because of the cat hair and dog toys.  It’s always a whole lot better walking around in bare feet without the grit.  I miss when I had a cleaning lady.  I find I’m paranoid about strangers since I lived in Shaughnassey where the cleaning ladies were the girlfriends of gangs and cased places for the robberies.  It was probably a rare case, like the news stories of pit bulls running through the streets of Vancouver but it’s stuck with me.  I cleaned the carpets myself a few weeks back.  A tangent of thought and writing brought on by the memory of how nice it felt to sleep in clean sheets with Laura and Gilbert and George all in bed with me.

Tom came by last night and Laura informed him that Doug Ford, the conservative, had won the Ontario provincial election. He’s an engineer. His eyes lit us and he said, « So the witch is gone. She destroyed the province’s energy matrix. She didn’t just shut down coal plants but destroyed them. Meanwhile China is building one a week, a month or year. It takes 5 years to get a plant up and running again.’  I was upset with the billions of dollars wasted in Ontario on health care administration and devastation of the doctors in the province and the horrors of growing waitlists under the Liberals . He was upset with the cost of heating and all the taxation for Liberal cronies. 

This is about war, economic and potentially more.  India’s building more coal plants.  It all just takes me back to the decades of living with wind power , solar power, water power and diesel on my homestead and sailboat. Most Canadians sadly only know about the propaganda.  I’m intimately aware of the pros and cons and costs of all the forms of energy production and use  as is Tom who as much a hermit in the country as I was a survivalist for years. I don’t like that the ‘green industry’, totally subsidized by government money, is allowed to misinform the public about the real costs and the real limits.  I love alternative energy and advances in research but hate the constant Climate Change fear Monge ring and the Green Energy Billionaires lying. 

 I like my latest windmill but the first ones were really erratic and expensive. My solar panels have always been a treat but the battery storage and the batteries themselves are major eco hazards. It would take only one dirty bomb to obscure sunlight for weeks in a war where the other guy has coal, nuclear and oil to manage their invasion and take over of all our pretty little energy toys. 

 By contrast I love liquid fuel for it’s certainty.  Coal was great too for heating houses when I was up in the north. Southerners know nothing about ‘heat’ and Canadians are forever being talked to be slick LA types worried about their air conditioning.  Mainly I think I loath Liberals these days for the CBC propaganda.  I just can’t listen to news out of Canada for any more than 10 minutes without hearing lies.  So hopefully the media will be required to stop smoking dope and actually report rather than just making stuff up.

Oh well, the Ford victory provides hope. The propaganda was that Conservatives care for the rich and the other parties care for the poor when each party just has it’s resident corporations. . The Liberals have their big buck corporations, the NDP their’s and the conservatives theirs. My favourite billionaire this year is the aboriginal guy who got rich off casinos and cigarettes while the natives are claiming that they only good and poor and want clean water but spent the money for clean water given them on Zamborni Machines. There was great song, Everyone Hurts that came out in the 80’s and I don’t disparage anyone’s pain except perhaps Sophie who suffers with 2 nannies and claims she has 3 children so needs another.  The poor thing.  

When people vote it’s not rich and poor its this rich guy against that rich guy.  Steal a little and they put you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king. I just don’t like people who spend other people’s money like it was their own.  I don’t like tax and corruption either so that affects my voting.  I found that when I was student and didn’t have to work all day for years I thought it was great that the Trudeau government of the day taxed us all billions so Quebecers could get French on both sides of the Andy Warhol tomato can.  Today working  hard and long, money is scarce and I just can’t stand this Trudeau government’s waste of our pension funds which we paid into and weren’t a ‘entitlement’ . I don’t like him  giving money to terrorists.  It doesn’t sit well with me that a man who murdered an American soldier should get 10 million dollars from Canada. It’s an Hanoi Jane moment.  I just can’t get the taste out of my mouth.   Oh well, I have a classmate who thinks the world of him because he has nice hair. I don’t think she’d appreciate me wanting Pamela Anderson for Prime Minister but ‘different strokes for different folks,’ right Stomy. 

Good to see Tom.  I even had to get out the Bible to discuss Psalm 50 and 51 and the use of hyssop as it pertains to diverticulosis.  

Great pizza last night from Me and Ed’s.  Great Greek salad too. 

I really like the clean sheets.  Laura got me to get the 18 inch kind to fit my mattress.  That stopped the ground sheet from pulling off. Amazing.  Never learned that in the old Boy Scouts. The new scouts will probably get that. Laura was a Girl Guide and she says when I put the first 18 inch sheets on I’d had them on sideways.  She was quite exasperated and wouldn’t go to bed till she’d undone my work and re fitted the sheets.  I think she’s a little OC but the sheets surprisingly stayed on where as I’d been having put them back every hour or so.  I got tangle in the undersheet one night.  So obviously there is some science to this sheet business. Gilbert and George didn’t know what the fuss was about but enjoyed all the activity. 

We’re talking about going out to look at camping stores. It’s a ‘turn down ‘ day. I’ve been reading a History of Crimea and enjoying what a muddle politics was back then with the Ottoman Muslim Caliphate killing Christians Willy Nilly.  Russia protected them and freed up all those Eastern nations before the aetheist communists subjugated them.  They’ve got independence again but the religious war between Christians and Muslims continues, it’s last ugly head being Sarajevo.  I enjoyed learning that the Muslim war machine was stopped at Vienna with the Germans and then by the Polish a hundred years later. No wonder tha some of the  young male migrants in Europe today claim they’re going to do with rape what they couldn’t do with weapons. The Religion of Peace sure has a very war like faction.  Meanwhile Christians the world over are persecuted with more Copts killed by the Egyptian Muslims.  Pakistan Moslems are back to killing Hindus.  Our Christian friend in Bangladesh are fearful today of the persecution of minorities.  The Muslims killed 250,000 Sikhs in one day.  Buddhists continue to be genocided like the Armenians. The aetheists Chinese are successfully taking over Tibet and wiping out the Buddhists but no one cares because Anti sémitism has everyone focussing on Israel the only stable democracy in the Middle East.   Meanwhile Canadian media seems fixated on news from centuries past when Christians behaved badly but by the local behaviour of the day better than any others.  FB doesn’t monitor the persecution of Christians, Buddhists or Hindus but protects it’s own favourite religions Islam and Aetheist. Friends say that in England weekly people are going to jail there as freedom of speech has died as it’s being strangled in CAnada. I couldn’t help but miss Christophers Hitchens, my favourite Aetheist who would truly object to this barbarism in name of godlessness.  It’s all above my pay grade but Christianity has been the religion of truth and truth is simply not acceptable as such in Postmodernism.  

King Lear said to his daughter we can talk of courtly things, whose in, whose out.  I’m old and unfashionable and clearly these are the age of fashion and it’s quite possible we’ll soon see a war with wet noodles fight between the hatted people versus the hatless. Monty Python rules.  There’s an absurdity in the news in Canada which personally I think can be explained by the Cigarette Industrie’s promotion of Pot and the increasing promise of free heroin and euthanasia. Even Ireland has embraced the death culture with it’s new laws promoting abortion.  I’m saddened that Canada which once was a leader in technology is now world renown like China for it’s abortion industry.  I’d be a whole lot richer today if I’d stayed in that trade rather than doing this business of trying to save lives.   

It’’s all above my pay grade. I was talking to Elizabeth about the love of Jesus and the persecution by aetheists murderers of our Christian friend Philip.  Tom told us of visiting Wiillie’s Pentecostal meditation group where hundreds repeated ‘thank you jesus’ for an hour. Good religion since we’re supposed to sing praise and thanksgiving. Given  my personal penchant for  whining and complaining I truly admire those souls who call on the Holy Spirit while I’m usually having looking to Hagen Daz Ice Cream for salvation..

Hallelujah. What gives me hope is the god kids of Anna and Kevin, Kendra, Alex and Isek, Aim’s and Marc’s Paxton,  Derek and Naomi’s Faith, and the amazing courage of friends like Jeremy and Jenny,  Daren and Kate.  I talked to a guy last week who was so uncertain of  the future that he couldn’t bring himself to give even a while of solace to a rescue dog.  I love the mothers and father’s I know. But then I love the transsexuals and gay people I know who are struggling in stable relationships rather than being single hedonists like Hollywood celebrates for all.  I dream of being alone at sea or a fool on a hill meditating but frankly I liked having clean sheets and sharing my Sealy Posturpedic King Size mattress with Laura and George and Gilbert.

In Douglas Adam’s book , Dirk Gently’s Holistic Détective Agency, the old gods’ of England like Thor have disappeared because they prefer the clean crisp sheets of nursing homes to living rough.  Laura and I are considering alternatives to sleeping on the ground today. She’s a bad influence but I confess I like her ideas.  Last year we had the tent in the truck and off the ground. However I didn’t count on the  huge sign saying beware of Grizzly Bears as this was their breeding ground.  This caused Laura some concern. I’d camped here for decades and didn’t appreciate that suddenly billboards had arisen and just when I needed a little Fake News here was the honest truth for Laura to digest. I caused her to be a tad anxious.  After years of tenting on the ground  I agreed moving up to the back of the truck   mostly because I was tired of crawling around.  So we’re off to consider alternatives today. 

I do like camping though if only it makes me appreciate how much I love my Sealy Posturpedic King Sized mattress, especially with clean 18 inch sheets.  Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. And I guess thank you for Trudeau because after him Andrew Scheer will seem all that much better. I think I’d prefer Ford to Scheer but compared to Trudeau, Scheer is Thor and God incarnate.   For now we have to be a third world nation giving money to terrorists and playing teen ager to Papa Trump.  At least Andrew Scheer will not ‘piss on the rug’ like the former famous Canadian pre Trudeau Liberal Prime Minister did.  The  American president of that day lifted the grandiose adolescent Canadians up by his lapels and remind him how to behave in another man’s house.  At least Pierre knew he was a mouse.  To listen to Justin’s pot fantasies Justin is an elephant when in fact Canada is at best a gopher.  I like gophers.  Marmots are even cuter.  .  

So Saturday morning.  I started the eggs boiling  and Laura put them on the plate with toast.  I’ve made a couple of cups of coffee. Maybe showering is in the cards soon.  Gilbert and George having had breakie have gone back to sleep.  I love my large windows and the brightness of summer.  The light is wonderful. Thank you Jesus.  God is good. God is good all of the time.   Thank you for the clean sheets and hope of more nights of good company and good sleep.

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