Saturday, June 24, 2017

"The Young Woman Doctor and the New Administration Class"

“The young woman doctor and the new administration class”
-wiliam hay

I just read One More Thing, stories and other stories by B.J. Novak.  It was a gift from my older friend George.  I regret I’d not read it while he was a live we could have discussed it together. He sang the praises of this young writer one night while we were having soul food  at Chez Michel.  We’d talk of literature and poetry and women .  George always had the best of stories.

The one I remembered today was his story of the ‘young woman doctor and the new administration class’.  He said that there was a shift at the hospital and this new political class had come along. They carried little black books and noted fault with everyone. 
“We have this  brilliant young family physician, fortyish, beautiful, who works at my hospital.  She never takes guff from anyone so she’s constantly in the sites of the new administration. “ George said.  "The best clinicians always are these days,”

“She’d just been up all night delivering a baby.  She was going out to her morning clinic.  Walking through the foyer of the hospital, she encountered the new administrator strolling in.  He’s a thin lipped mommy’s boy sort of young man who prides himself on the most  expensive suits and shoes. He accosted her loudly. 

'Dr. Madeleine, (not her name), could I have a word ?’ 

“I was just coming into the hospital and seeing something interesting about to unfold, “ George said with a smile, “I stopped right there to tie my shoelace.”

“Yes, ‘ she said ‘but it will have to be brief I’ve a clinic  to attend."

The pompous administrator then said, “Well, I couldn’t help but notice your attire.  I really think you should consider the length of your skirt.  It’s a bit short to be professional , wouldn’t you say?” 

George said, “the young woman doctor didn’t miss a beat. Right off she replied, 

 “I don’t think you should be looking at my legs and skirt this early in the morning.  Now excuse me, I’ve a clinic to attend.”  She hurried  on her way.  

“The  fool in the expensive striped suit, “ George said, “ mouth gaping  just stared after her. Then  he reached into his pocket for a little black book and and began jotting furiously.”

“Having tied my shoe laces,” George continued, “I considered that I’d always thought she had  rather fine legs.  I would have liked her to have shown  more of them rather than less.  But really her skirt was hardly above the knee.  It’s  2016. 

The point, though,  is It never was like that here. I don’t know if I would have stayed  had it been.  I’d be sorry to see the likes of that young woman go. She reminds me of what I was like when I was younger. 

The administration in my day were a cut above this present day  petty dictator class.  I feel for the young doctors but really I’m mostly just thankful to be at this end of my career.” 

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