Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Harrison Lake with the Godkids

It was a joy to be with the Godkids and their parents Anna and Kevin. I was blessed to meet them through Elizabeth and Phil, Anna’s Godparents.  Laura and I have known Anna since she was in high school.  It’s great to see her as such a fine and loving mother.
She met Kevin because he was such a good father to his son Izek.  There’s now Alex and Kendra and Izek.  A great little posse of kids that play with my little fur baby Gilbert. We usually meet in church and often go for lunch at Whitespot after.
I’ve been going up to the Bungalo Motel Cabins in Harrison’s for 30 years. We're so disappointed to learn it was sold this year.  It was fun to share this near getaway from Vancouver with the great little family.  Walks in the wilderness and to the Harrison Lake Townsite.  Playing with Gilbert.  Laura had brought her Ukule and I brought my guitar. We had fun with the kids.  Pizza’s and music.
I loved the little munchkins curiosity and energy.  A fun time.  I admit though that I was amazed that Anna can handle three on one.  Laura Gilbert and I were no match for three on three. They literally ran circles around us, climbing, and crawling and jumping up and down. Their enthusiasm though is infectious.  Kevin and Anna were constantly on the go keeping up with them.

Laura and I were happy to lie about reading novels while they were off exploring.
Outside in the park the Canada geese were keeping track of dozens of goslings.  Spring and children, seasons of the young and old.

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