Friday, March 24, 2017

Islamaphobia, Naziphobia, Yahweh and Jesus

There is only one true God and that God is Yahweh.  Yahweh means “I am that is who I am”.  I do not know what Allah means and do not believe Hitler was God.  I know that Yahweh, the God of the Jews was written as YHVH because his name could not be pronounced.  He was described in John of the New Testament as the Word, but really that Word was Jesus.  Jesus was the son of God.  We are created in the Image of God, that’s the imagination. Yahweh means ‘imagination’.  God is the create or. God is imagination.  God is Energy.  Matter is slow Energy.  We are in the omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotentialiation of God.  God is the cloud of unknwing. I do not know who Allah is.

Jesus is the manifestation of God incarnate.  We are all children of God and Jesus is the first born. The Cosmic Christ is to Christianity what the enlightened one is to Hinduism and Buddhism.  Except where in their lexicon Man becomes God in Christianity God becomes man becomes God again.  Jesus was crucified and arose to sit on the right hand side of God in three days. Nothing like ‘day’ is literal since these words are godly words in the Bible.  Time is a human construct.

Jesus is Love.

I don’t know what Islam is.

I don’t know what Nazis are.

I know Christianity is the religion of my parents and grandparents and I know that Judaism and Christianity are the basis of Western Enlightenment, Secularism even, and all the basic values and ideas that I hold true today derived mostly from the Bible, like the 10 commandments and the message to Love God and Love your Neighbour as Yourself. I love the parables like the Prodigal sun. I love Grace and Redemption. I love Jesus. 

Jesus was a historical man born as Messiah, prophesied and died on the cross in the time of Rome when Herod was the violent barbaric leader of Israel.  Jesus was a jewish man, a carpenter.  There are all manner of marvellous allegory and myth associated with his life.  His life is the greatest story in the Galaxy, definitely the Greatest Story in the World.  His story is everything I like about Christianity and everything I find lacking in cold fish like Sarte. He is everything that atheists like Marx envied and rejected.  He is a man for all seasons.  He was the greatest lover of history.

I am a Christian because I have had the experience of Christ. I know God is present in all religions. I know that political leadership have used religion as a means to strengthen their political positions.  I like that Jesus was a rebel but that he said his Kingdom was in heaven, within, not without.  He speaks within to me now.  I can hear the wee small voice of God within on a good day. There are times when the monkey voice of myself is too loud to hear the music of God’s calm and peace. It is only in the quiet that I know God most truly.  

I have studied all religions. I know Jesus.  I know Christ. I know Yahweh. I know God.  I have met them in the heart of hearts in the inner sanctums of myself and I have had the joy of seeing their fingerprints on my life and in the world around.  

Everywhere I travelled in the middle east I saw that Islam had destroyed the temples and teachings of Christians.  Every Radiacl Muslim I have met wants to destroy all jews.  Islam has taught the eradication of Jews and all around the world the followers of Islam are persecuting Christians.  

I would be more afraid but I know that God loves me and Jesus loves me.  I know that my fear is of this world.  Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.  God is alive and well in Canada if only now hiding.  Our parliament is smoking dope.  Our leader is a dope head.  It’s apparent to me. Hitler was a drug addict too.  I am afraid around people on drugs because they are in a trance and don’t know they are psychotic.  It’s subtle. I once did drugs and when I did I stopped hearing the wee small voice of God and could only hear the cacophony of voices within my own head.  I became loud like Ottawa.  I am quiet today and I long to know God more.  

Jesus Christ means literally “God within, god will come again”.  I’m always playing hide and seek with God.  God is always playing hide and seek with me.   God is using Trudeau to wake Canada up to the terrors of totalitarianism.  All the Communists after the Socialism of Marx and Engels and Stalin eventually turned back to God as the Orthodox Church has risen again in Russia.  Muslims flee Muslim countries and convert on mass to the Christianity and Secularism of the west. They are naturally afraid of the radical muslims they escaped.  Just as communists escape the Iron Wall for Canadas as do the Chinese who leave Communist China and the Muslims who escape the countries of political Islam, Canada is a haven created by Christians of the European enlightenment. This is a product of the ideology of Christianity and enlightenment.  

The light will shine again in Canada.

God will come again. Yahweh. Jesus Christ.  Thank you Lord.  May I ever know you and trust in you.  All shall be well because God is good.  

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