Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gratitude today

Thank you Lord that the world has not boiled up as the climate change doom sayer cult promised. Thank you Lord that the world is not at War as the anti  Donald Tump lobby promised. Thank you that the earth has not left it’s orbit. Thank you for the sun today. Thank you for the world not being destroyed by floods because of the homosexuals on Davie street as the craziest of Christian’s promised. Thank you that we are all alive to day taking care of business as usual. Thank you for another mediocre Canadian Wednesday, the middle of another endless Canadian week. Thank you Lord it is not snowing in Vancouver today. That’s been a little unsettling. The Eastern Canadians are the bad ones and they are struck by months of frozen tundra for their evil ways but we in LA LA Land are good and holy and don’t deserve to be kept from Wreck Beach too much longer. Do you think this may be because there is too much dope smoking on the east that the world is tilted.  Aren’t the nuts supposed to roll to California. Thank you Lord for my dog Gilbert and may he have more shit and piss to smell today as that seems to be uplifting for him.  I’ll pass myself Lord. I’ll thank you instead for the smell of clean bodies, colognes and perfumes and the especially pleasant smell of Olay and Irish Spring.  Thank you Lord that I can still hear and that my smell remains .And thank you for my sight and help my little dog keep his. And thank you Lord for the sense of feeling.  And thank you Lord for the heart and brains and especially for the legs and arms and all the body parts.  Thank you for this day Lord. And thank you that Justin Trudeau has not bankrupted the country as I feared.  We are still solvent, rapidly approaching Third World countries in increasing poverty in the elderly but really Lord I’ve been personally catastrophizing.  My apologies to Justin Trudeau he hasn’t given away all our hard earned money as yet so forgive me for my needless worry. Even he can’t destroy a country so great as Canada in this little time as I feared. So thank you that the optimistic and hopeful are still winning today.  Thank you for the coming of spring. Thank you for life after death and thank you for waking me this morning. It was so cute to have Gilbert sitting beside me waiting for my eyes to open.  That was a thoughtful touch Lord and a great way to start the day. Thank you Lord for all your blessings. Thank you for this day.

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