Tuesday, October 4, 2016

SV GIRI - Boating with Alan - Kerr Bay

Alan insists that since we didn’t actually put the sails up, we were not ‘sailing’.  Hence, the title, ‘boating with Alan’.
I’d called Loyalist Cove Marina a couple of weeks earlier and asked if they could check my Autopilot.  The autopilot hadn’t been communicating with the compass.  I love my Autopilot and was so pleased that it had been repaired. Just some corrosion on the wire connections.  When I’d been there earlier in the summer we’d been out sailing with Ron and the nephews. Ron wasn’t up to boating this time but i still wanted to try out the anchor tackle.
Alan is good company. A psychologist finishing his masters he’s a bit impatient but otherwise sensitive and intuitive.  He has a thousand questions and his curiosity abounds.
It was a grey and overcast day. I’m not a particularly energetic sailor. I love my Volvo diesel motor and I love making stove top expresso coffee on my lovely three burner gambled propane stove.  Only 20 minutes from Loyalist Cove Marina is Kerr Bay across the channel.  We anchored in 25 foot of water after I untangled the anchor chain that had been shook about by shipping the boat across Canada.
With anchor hooked I made my coffee and had a peanut butter and jam sandwich reading a book in my own special Captain’s corner while Alan actually had a rather long nap.  This is heaven for me.
When i raised the anchor I hauled up half the seaweed on the bottom too.  A bit of a fiddle getting it off. Then Alan drove us back to Loyalist Cove Marina where I took over for the berthing.  One of the staff was on dock to catch the bow line Alan tossed him.
I cleaned up with the though this would be the last I’d see the GIRI till next year.  Then Alan and I went off to Paul’s in Napanee to collect the pizza Ron had mentioned he’d missed while he was in hospital.
A great day boating.  Even if I only used the iron jenny!
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