Friday, October 28, 2016

Dementia - Canadian Psychiatric Association Annual Conference 2016

I forget the names of these gentlemen but I checked and I still do a mean clock face.  This was by far the best ‘academic’ presentation with far too much information for me to type down all the key points.  The three brilliant and humble doctors who did the presentation really need to write a book for aging practitioners. I took a series of screen shots with my iPhone of their presentations hoping to ‘catch’ the essence of all the advances made in this area of psychiatry.  Having been around a few years I’m fairly up to date with the general areas along with my own sub speciality interests. I keep abreast of traumatic brain injury and chemical brain assaults but chose to attend this lecture series because  in creasing numbers of my patients are older and several are worried about dementing.  I tell them that we used to say a patient didn’t have an alcohol problem unless they drank more than their physician.  Today, just has addiction psychiatry has advanced with leaps and bounds rather than staggering forward I was thoroughly amazed at how much has developed in the fields of dementia.  Every day there are breakthroughs with medications for rats which are indeed addressing plaques and making them more capable of mazes.  We’re on the cusp of real human breakthroughs with already many psychological, sociological and biological approaches to something that was once thought to be ‘natural’ but now is more and more known to be more complex.  I will find the program and list the names of these gentleman.  They really were impressive. I hope the slides give some inkling of this. I captured those bits that I wanted to remember personally and share them here. There was a whole wealth of material. Great slides, great topics, great presentations and incredible research.  Thank you so much.
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