Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Good Way Out - Pacific Theatre

Last night Laura and I really enjoyed Pacific Theatre’s “A Good Way Out’ by Cara Norrish.  It was about a Christian woman who had left her wayward life but still had a brother caught up in the world of drugs and bikers.  It’s a world I know well.  The characterizations were so good with social services,  babies and despair, that I felt it was like a day out of my life working as an addiction specialist in Vancouver’s downtown eastside.  The drama was so real. I appreciated the struggle and felt the frustration of the one who has left behind what she can’t not help others get out of.  It was sordid and sad.  I don’t know about the title “Good Way Out’.  I hoped that referred to the girls but it wasn’t really clear.  I ask myself where Jesus is and couldn’t help but later  think of Job.  Great theatre, brilliant acting and really gifted dialogue. Fabulous set. I’ve actually worked on bikes in just that setting.  Another good night of theatre at the Pacific.  Great to see Hannah and Caleb who had just celebrated their first anniversary too.
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