Thursday, August 6, 2015

Napannee Fair, Ontario

The guys had come for the Tractor races and the Demolition Derby. The girls, however, had separated off heading for the craft and horticultural exhibits.  When they returned they were singing the praises of the exhibits.  There was a lull between the lawnmower tractor heats and demolition derby..  My brother Ron and I headed over to the exhibits.  It was like stepping back in time.
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Mom and Dad loved country fairs.  Ron had competed with gladiolas  in the Fort Garry Horticultural Fair.  Mom always had her beets and carrots in the competitions. She made jam too. And quilted. Only when I was older did I realize how little people did and knew in modern times.  My parents were real.  They had skills and accomplishments.  They didn’t just talk. They weren’t just armchair critics.  Everyone was active so they didn’t have a need for professional activists.
My parents loved life and learning.  Mom was canning, knitting,  crocheting,  writing.  In later life she even learned to play the keyboard organ.  She was involved in the Fort Garry community club, Trinity Baptist Church and later Fort Garry United Church.   Mom’s gardening was her summer joy.  As a result we ate fresh vegetables half the year round. Dad  fixed everything. He took pride in the working of his car and truck.  Built his own 2 car garage. As a kid I remember him pouring cement and making another room in the basement of the house.  As a hunter and fisherman he filled the freezer with wild game. We belonged to the hunting and fishing clubs and enjoyed the annual game dinners.   There was always community.  As kids we took it for granted  most adults were competent like our parents.  Only as an adults living in the city did it become became apparent that most people remained childlike, dependent.    So many adults could only talk tv and sports.  It’s a tragedy really. I  just see so much human waste and addiction today.
Walking about the Napannee County Fair I felt there was hope for the human race.  I loved seeing the ribbons on vegetables and flowers. I loved the woodwork and country art. The multi coloured multi themed quilts were terrific.  So much talent.  So many people do so many interesting things.  There at the Napannee County fair was the evidence that a whole lot of country people had put their time to useful pursuits. Too many people in the city today simply compete with who can buy more of which designer name.
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I loved the 4H presentations.  I’ve always loved 4H.  If  I’d lived in the country I’d have been a  member.  My brother and I were in cubs and scouts.  Cubs and scouts were great but our country cousins were in 4H. They raised their own cattle. goats and pigs. They learned all sorts of critical things and life lessons in 4H.  We admired our northern cousins competency.  Real survivalists.   The Napannee 4H had brought their animals out to the fair for competitions.   I loved seeing the bright young men and women..  The attractive well dressed intelligent young women were a breath of fresh air after hearing CBC celebrating silly "slut walk feminists.” Where was the silly CBC when real women were showing they could manage livestock and farms.  The young men and women of 4H were real.  They did things.
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Here were cows and goats.  The little ponies were darling.  Acapaca’s were not apart of Canada’s farms when I was growing up but they sure seemed at home here.
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I loved the chickens and ducks too. I talked with a fellow about the Rhode Island Reds and Aracana’s I’d raised.  Great egg layers.  Ron and I liked the feather footed Brahma’s.  Ron even had a conversation with a rooster.  Watching and listening to the two of them, I laughed.
Having seen the exhibits we collected hot dogs before heading back to the grand stand where people were congregating for the Napannee Demolition Derby.

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