Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you, Lord

Thank you, Lord, for the sunshine. Thank you for the air we breathe. Thank you for the water  and blue sky. Thank you for the gentle breeze. Thank you for Gilbert, the dog companion. Thank you for friends. Thanks you for their health and wellbeing. Thank you for family. I wish they were nearer.  Thank you for the ocean and galaxy. Thank you for perception. Thank you for win win. Thank you for love. Thank you for upholstery. Thank you for motor vehicles.  Thank you for transportation. Thank you for this body. May it be rewarded with health and well being.  Thank you for commerce. Thank you for communication. Thank you for the mind. Thank you for feeling. Thank you for taste. Thank you for this coffee this morning and my harley davidson mug.  Thank you for the MacBook Air. thank you for the light and the darkness. Thank you for colours. Thank you for sounds. Thank you for smells especially the smell of wood smoke.  Thank you for sails. Thank you for fireworks. Thank you this city, province and government. Thank you for my church, Lord. Thank you for 15 years of sobriety today.  I am thankful for the via negativa and the spiritual path that comes with sacrifice and fasting. Thank you Lord.


Anonymous said...

why are you so interested in the God Particle

haykind said...

The Higgin's Particle was 'discovered' just recently confirming Higgins predictions. What we know in only 20% of reality. The "God Particle" might well give some insight into the 80% of the universe we don't know. Right now we have materialism and spiritualism but what if they're all just 'one'. Right now we have an understanding of the universe as multiple parallels with only one time which is relative. I like the Hound of Heaven by Thompson too. Are you not interested?
I 'm also reading Charles Seife, 1, decoding the universe. I love her story of Zero. I think that the likes of Einstein and Newton, a couple of favourites were as interested in God as they were were in physics. Darwin though was afraid of God or was it his wife he was afraid of? I like that C.S.Lewis' wife was a brilliant Jewess. The wedding of ideas? I'd like any help I can get to celebrate life more and also celebrating God but then to know God is to no longer know the 'personal' or 'subjective' in that sense , hence the 'awe' . What do you intuit?