Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bowen Island - SV GIRI - Journal

Yesterday the sun shone. I was up early thanks to Gilbert's wet alarm clock. I fixed the speedometer by pulling out the through hull sensor and cleaning the propellor blades.  I hate that moment between pulling the sensor bung out and replacing it with a plain bung. Water is spouting into the interior of the boat until the fumbling hands stop the inflow. Then when the sensor is cleaned the same procedure recurs with that sense of panic as water pours in for those exciting moments.
After Laura's delicious egg bacon sandwich with hashbrowns I lifted the new light weight dinghy over the side.  The outboard is only a 4 hp but I felt I could use a lighter one of those.  Assembled Laura and Gilbert, with Gilbert in his life jacket, headed to the Union Steamship wharf in Snug Cove.  There we went ashore to Gilbert's utter delight. He frolicked off leash with a few other dogs and shit on land twice.  We had our little doggy bags out to stoop and scoup in this pristine tourist park where dogs are really supposed to be on leash.  After I found a light knapsack, folds into a pocket pouch, and a water proof cellphone container Laura Gilbert and I headed up the dark and mysterious Dorman Trail. A kind of mini mini mini Grouse Grind.  A sort of walk really with a little uphill motion.  Great ferns
After it was back to the boat for more gruelling hard core mind muscle work out novel reading.  Then I made some Chicken Cacciatore on Linguine to much appreciation from Laura who ate from her plate while Gilbert cleans the pans and pots with enthusiasm.
Before bed we watched a couple of episodes of Netflix tv Jericho watching Jake have another rough day dealing with the corrupt post apocalyptic corporate power vaguely California like.  Texas comes off looking good at this point. No mention of Canada whereas lots of Americans ironically were hoping to be let into Mexico.
This morning it's raining. Heavy.  I don't have alot of motivation. If I was hip slick and cool I'd have the sails up and be coasting up Howe Sound in the very light winds, youthful and vibrant before the mast.  I'd vaguely thought maybe I'd go to Keats Bay this weekend but it's raining and this is a lovely anchorage.  Maybe another coffee. I might put out a crab trap or go fishing. But it's raining. The fish like the rain.  I'm really enjoying this book "One - decoding the universe" by Charles Seife whose book Zero I consider one of the all time greats of science explanation, right up there with Kuhn. I'm also reading a Patterson, Alex Cross detective book.  That's alot of work and even getting up on deck to get the generator going again to charge the battery operated device seems work. I could run the engine and charge this laptop that way.  The main batteries are just fine with wind generator and solar panels and little draw except the freezer and water pumps.
It's all so very challenging.  I'm overwhelmed with toIMG 1188IMG 1183IMG 1184ugIMG 1182h decisionsIMG 1186IMG 1187.  I did light candles this morning to brighten up the place.  A little more coffee and book time. I've thrown Gilbert the ball alot and rough housed with him.  The choices though seem unbearable.  Stay, lift anchor, go where, walk around deck, read, maybe shower, I shaved, that was a major committment to the day, maybe have breakfast, then a nap. Can't forget the naps.  Helps one think about what to do or what not to do.

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