Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bowen Island - SVGiri - Journal day 3

At anchor in Mannion Bay off Snug Cover, Bowen Island. We left Vancouver Thursday and todays' Saturday. It rained most of the day.  We've been reading.  I just finished James Patterson's I, Alex Cross.  Great mystery thriller.  Was making some headway with One by Seife.  The Patterson soon was calling to me though.  Boat reading on a rainy day.  Laura made eggs and hashbrowns.  Later I made minestrome soup for lunch. I also made Rosemary Zuchini Olive Tomato Beef Stew.  Lying around reading and eating seems appropriate for a rainy boat day. Every 15 to 20 minutes Gilbert jump on one of us and licks our face.
For a great break in the day we fed the visitting geese.  At another time I got out the crab trap from the lazarette and took this out with the dinghy. It's now about a hundred yards offf the stern in 45 feet deep water trying to catch crabs with cans of dog food, brands that picky Gilbert doesn't like.  He loves Little Caesar but turns his nose up at the the no name brand just like it.  Hopefully the crabs aren't dog food connosieurs.
I just got back from taking Gilbert for a walk on the beach.  I've been rowing.  A change from the motor and excercise I need. The boat is a whole lot of exercise. Climbing in and out of dinghys, even starting motors , the out board and the little Honda generator, takes exercise.  Good living this.
I'm not expecting a terrorist attack or car chase out here.  I'm resting up for another day or two of this high speed living.  Oh yea, I showered. That was an event. I took the 5 gallons can off the deck and added it to the 50 gals we're carrying.  Maybe I'll get the water making working.  Everything seems a major effort then it gets done rather spontaneously. If you 'd asked me if I wanted to take the dog ashore an hour ago I'd say, no way, but then I finished the novel and we were off and running. Things get done that way on a boat. All about timing.
I had a nap earlier. I may be due for another.  My dad at 93 is the real master of napping but I'm thinking it's good that I'm starting training earlier.  It's just a cycle.  Or a boat.  Colin likes to say that we're designed so that if we just let go everything rights itself like a sailboat that's been knocked down. You let all the rigging off and the boat rights itself.  SomethingIMG 1201 about surrendeIMG 1205r to win IMG 1203in tIMG 1206here to.  Hallelujah IMG 1194

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