Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spud Valley Sporting Goods, Pemberton

Last year I bought some winter hiking boots at Spud Valley Sporting Goods. I brought them up this weekend as they'd proved the best thing for hunting and hiking in heavy terrain. Laura however bought a pair of Hi Tec Hiking Boots that Sheraton had recommended last week. She'd loved them when Gilbert, I and her were up in the backwoods. So back we went to visit with Brad and Sheraton. I told them how I wanted a lighter weight summer hiking boot and sure enough Sheraton had just what I needed.

"They're light weight, great for summer but waterproof and you could use them all year round. Vibram Soles too."said Sheraton. Brad and Sheraton aren't really salesmen. They just do all the stuff that they sell so know what is really good. That's what they stock. And they're country boys so know we all like a deal so their great stuff is always at a great price.

I put them on and wore them out. They're Hi Tec too. Laura and Gilbert and I spent the day hiking with Gilbert climbing in the back country they turned out to be about the best books for hiking I've found.

Brad's wife was at the store. She's petite and beautiful and certainly not catch and release. She's such a trophy that she's lucky Brad didn't mount her on the wall beside one of the fish he's caught.

Laura was glad to find a country cammo halter top. Gilbert liked meeting the boys again but really wanted to get on with the hiking. With his 4 paw drive traction he can't understand why we're so interested in the best footwear.

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