Thursday, May 6, 2010

Harley Puppy

It was another of those great puppy milestones. Brass bands and ticker tape parades. I'd been to Trev Deely and bought Gilbert a T Bag Dog Carrier. The only problem was that when I got home Gilbert climbed out of the hole that is only meant for the head.

I have an Outward Hound over the shoulder carrier that lets me take Gilbert into stores. We'd used that for his first ride around the basement parking lot on the Harley. I 'd just seen a big guy on a bicycle carrying his macho Chihuahua on his chest. So I got the same Outward Hound 'legs out pet carrier' in "medium" that fit Gilbert. I think that that guys dog was probably only a 'small'. I'll bet my 9 week old cockapoo, Gilbert, could lick his chihuahua.

Thanks to Wagababa Pet Shop I already had red Doggles eye protection and a new supply of ZiwiPeak Jerky 'good dog' treats.

Gilbert had some misgivings about the whole pooch in pouch thing but those New Zealand meat dog treats took away all apprehension. Next thing I was in leathers and helmet and headed down to the Harley.

What a trooper. Didn't even flinch when the engine roared. Just chugged a few more treats. I was generous and hoped we'd not be pulled over by the police. It was pretty obvious from his goofy looks that he was well over the doggie treat limit.

Next thing we were out of the basement and sitting proud in the back lane. The Gilbert fan club was there to snap a picture.

Eat your heart out Jupiter. Move over Pirsig. Talk about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Mutt. You aint seen nothing Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman! Gilbert did the Long Way Round the block on the Harley Davidson Motorcycle. He squirmed a bit when the cool wind was rushing by his ears but he loved it.

We parked and I let him down on the lawn and he didn't even puke. He's a real biker hound. Right away he bounded inside to tell Angel, the cat, what a H.O.G. hero he was. She was naturally bored.

I was impressed. That's my dog. Gilbert the biker. He's sitting down at his dog desk right now already "rushed' with applications from biker's gang fraternities. He's not concentrating on pledging. He's not a greek letter sort of hound. All he wants is an ear tattoo and a biker bitch.

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