Sunday, August 12, 2018

Summer Church

You know I’m sorry God that I’m not going to make it to church today. I know it would be good to congregate with other Christians.
I love the greetings and then sitting silently in prayer before the service begins. I love the collective singing, voices raised together in harmony, the songs of praise and thanksgiving. I love watching the little children gather before going off to Sunday School. I love the Bible readings and the sermons.  I love the architecture and meeting with friends and lunch after. It’s what I do.  There are two things one definitely can’t do alone, be married, or be a Christian.
I love the Christian fellowship and yet, Laura and I and Gilbert have just woken. I slept in. She’s walking Gilbert and we’re both still recovering from the assembly line natures of our individual works.  So much on the clock. So responsive to constant demands.  So thrashed by time.
Now Sunday morning in the summer, I’ve prayed and meditated. I sit as long as the dog and cat allow me to wait on you.  Our Father. Lord Jesus Christ. Today I found my mind singing George Harrison’s song, My Sweet Lord.  I really want to know you. I pray for conscious contact and to know your will. Thy will be done not my will. Guide me. Let me follow you, Lord.  Help me and heal me. Mould me. Thy will be done. Thank you Jesus.
Now I’m drinking coffee and thinking of making another.  To get to church would be a rush.  Laura really does take longer in the morning than me or Gilbert to get ready for anything. The fact is, I’m slower than Gilbert whose very enthusiastic about most everything and always ready to go.  There’s just not time to go slow and be at church too. I would like to go slow today.  I’d like to enjoy Laura puttering about with the dog and cat.  Breakfast is a treat together, so often bacon sandwiches or eggs, as during the week neither of us has time for such luxury. 
We love to go to church with the god kids too and they’re out camping and fishing so won’t tell on us playing church hookey..  We’re here God. Laura is quite devout and prays daily as I do. Our friends are mostly spiritual and we often talk of you.  You did say, ‘where two or more are gathered in my name, there too shall I be.”  We are never far from you and you are here with us. Thank you Jesus.  Be with us always. Here in our summer church. Thank you Jesus.  

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