Saturday, May 6, 2017

I love Toronto

Toronto is truly one of the most beautiful cities. I’ve a fondness for my birthplace and all the good times I knew here as a child.  Those memories are of house and family and friends.  Later as a teen I’d visit for weeks at a time.  Then in my 20’s I was back for months with my first wife Baiba.  Since then there’s been many trips.
I loved to visit  my much loved Aunt Sally whose apartment was at St. Clair and Yonge.  After her death my brother and I visited Toronto together. I came other times for meetings and conferences .
This trip I’ve been staying at the Hyatt on King and walking the 20 minute jaunt to the Hilton on Chestnut.  This is the Financial and Art Districts of Toronto. I’ve taken pictures on the walks delighted with the views.
I”d forgotten what incredible sky scrapers we have here. Being in New York at Christmas this year I was impressed by this architecture there.  I do love Chicago for it’s sky scraper architecture too.  But here, Toronto has  it’s own wealth of beautiful buildings.  Walking head down in the rain it would be so easy to take the grandeur for granted.  Yet looking up and around there is man made beauty everywhere.
Vancouver has it’s share of high rises with all the beautiful glass buildings. But the snow capped mountains in the distance really make the view.  Here the denseness of buildings makes one seethes as distinct.
Cranes adorn our Vancouver skyline as  a sure sign of the prosperity of a city. Here too there is such evidence of growth and renewal.
Living in Toronto I loved it best for the subway system and the ease of movement from district to distinctive district.
This trip I came in on the Go Train from Oshawa. Earlier when I arrived and went to visit family I  took the Via Rail to Kingston.   They were both great rides with lovely country views.
There’s something about the design of the city that keeps it feeling less congested than other cities.  Vancouver, though much smaller ,has far more insane traffic to my mind.  Toronto drivers when I’ve driven here seem more purposeful.  Perhaps they're just  less stoned and this may well change with Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau's legalization and increased sale and distribution  of marijuana.
Even walking seems easier.  Certainly there are fewer people than New York.  I can see why people are moving here.  New immigrants are reaping the rewards of hundreds of years of design and deep thought by those who have gone before.  Canadians in the past made things to last.
It has forever been my favourite city as a city though I love the proximity to the outdoors that Vancouver has, with the ocean and ski mountains so close.  People do complain about the long drives to the cabin country.
I remember enjoying the beach in Toronto though nothing like the beaches we have in Vancouver.  Fresh water though and that's a plus.  When I was a kid I loved the beach here  but haven’t visited the beach here as an adult.
I took a picture of the Alexandria Theatre and plaque if only to remember  my aunt who loved to attend musicals there with her good friend Babe.
I looked down at the side walk and saw a plaque in honour of Don Cherry.  Another was for Anne Murray and another for Bryan Adams.  One definitely feels in Canada when one sees those famous Canadians celebrated.  Canadians are blessed to have had the city planners and architects we’ve had.  Canada is a beautiful Country. Toronto is such a beautiful city.  I do love Toronto.

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