Sunday, April 2, 2017

St. James Anglican Church , Hearing Aids, and Cactus Club Lunch with the God Kids.

Sunday morning is always made better by church attendance. It’s uplifting. It’s a time to get together and see people in a very special community way. I like that we’re there after week a week of work.  I’ve made the best of friends over time. I miss Alice. She was a wonder.  But I’d not have known her grace and presence were I not to have attended the church for years.

I like that we’re moving through Lent. I like Christmas and the Holy Week.  I especially liked Father Kevin’s sermon today.  He talked of Lazarus and the resurrection. It was enlightening in terms of his insights into the biblical passages but more importantly it’s placement before Jesus Easter resurrection will forever remind me that despite Jesus showing his disciples and us over and over again the miracle of life we still fear death.

Also the truth is,  I had my hearing aids on. I saw George the GP who sent me to Diamond the ENT who recommended Nexgen the hearing aid folk. And suddenly despite my vanity I was wearing hearing aids.  Laura said if I keep my hair long no one will know.  

For the last year or so I was becoming irritated with the acoustics and the mumblers in church.  I really hadn’t heard a complete sermons for months.  This time I heard Father Kevin’s and it was very good.  I  loved it.  I feel badly because my friend Kevin thought Father Kevin very learned.  Because I couldn’t hear his sermons I didn’t share his opinion. He seemed like a nice man but other than than I didn’t realize until today how much more I appreciated him when I could actually hear him.  He’s quite brilliant. 

There were three places I noticed that others had problem with hearing. When I watched tv last year with my brother and sister in law and nephews I thought they were weird because they kept the tv so low. I remember my father not wanting to waste and wondered if my brother had some twisted notion about saving money by keeping the volume low.  I actually went out and bought them an amplifier and insisted on having the television louder. I thought them ‘eastern’ and “soft”  and not exposed to ‘western’  and “tought’ like I was listening to hard rockl and riding motorcycles.  I considered their very liking the television low as somehow an Eastern characterological flaw..  

When I first wore the hearing aids and watched tv with Laura at her place I turned the volume right down and enjoyed it just fine.  The neighbours had been complaining about the blaring tv  to Laura when I was over. I’d got her an amplifier too.  I was that old guy. I was rather pissed when the lady next door banged on the wall and I had to  turn down a war movie which hadn’t been loud at all.  

I see that the dial which had been at 90 is now at 10.   I’m happy with that. Laura was very understanding.  I see that now. 

The same was  on the car and truck radio. Obviously there was a conspiracy and the volume meter on these had been switched after I got my hearing aids.  I’ve noticed people are actually shouting in the downtown eastside again. Laura, smiling with relief, says I’m talking quieter now. 

I was also having trouble with ’soft talking’ ladies in my office and ’shy people’ in the office. I was having to ask them to repeat themselves.  I was doing the same out a lot too and complaining to Laura that no one teaches the younger generation elocution and they don’t look at you when they talk. According to the hearing aid specialist I’d become quite adept  lip reader which explained my  frustration. when I couldn’t see the face.  Perhaps another reason I’m incensed by people wearing burgas.  I might be less offended now.

Finally, church. I really did think that the sound system in the church was going. I thought they should put money into it and actually thought of getting some rock band audio friend  to come to church with me and listen to the speakers which sounded increasingly muffled and  tinny.

They don’t sound that way any more.  Father Kevin’s sermon was great and I’m really looking forward to hearing more.  It resonated with spring renewal and the blooming cherry trees .

Gilbert loves St. James where he has a lot of friends, little and big. He was blessed by the Bishop one time.   It’s a great social outing for him.  He loves  the Peace best.  After his great church experience ,  he doesn’t mind being dropped off at Laura’s so we can go out for lunch. Laura always brings him back tid bits. 

Kevin and Anna and the god kids, Kendra, Alex and Izek joined us at the Cactus Club.

I love the Peppercorn Steak.  It’s great talking to Anna and Kevin.  Also the kids are a going concern. It’s really wonderful to see how loved and cared for they are. I’m not around kids so it’s a real treat for me that Anna and Kevin share theirs with us.  I admit I’m glad it’s a limited dose. They’re a 24/7 going concern and we are exhausted after a few hours.  Much more intense than Gilbert. In fact they’re like Gilbert with a ball fixation but they’re not just fixated on a ball, they’re fixated on everything.  Amazing to watch Wondermother Anna juggling the competing communications.  Kevin is a great dad too but I like to talk vehicles and travel with him distracting him from his parenting. This gets him in trouble with Anna.  We’re all getting together for a camping weekend so I might have to leave the hearing aids at home. 

Church and after church hanging out is just the Christian thing to do.  Christian friends.  Love of Jesus.  Sharing and caring.  We all hold hands before the meal and Kevin says grace. He’s the dad.  I’m the old guy so I’m just glad to pick up the cheque. Anna and Laura were talking crafts.  Later Laura told me that Izek said her nails were really pretty.  “Isn’t that the sweetest thing.”said Laura. She has a young admirer.

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