Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday Morning, Rainfall on the Roof.

Lovely morning so far.  No early morning wakening.  Woke up beside Laura. Lovely lady.  Gilbert immediately got into between us when I rolled over to kiss the wonderfulness lying next to me.

“”I’m the only wonderful of wonderful” said the squirming dog. “As he planted dog kisses all over our faces.’   So much for kissing Laura. 

I got out of bed. When next I looked in on the beauty and the beast he was ‘helping’ her make the bed. The bed had not had this treatment since last she was here and frowned reprovingly at me.  “this is how a bed should be treated” said the bed. “Whatever, “ I replied.

I’d got the stove top expresso machine working with the Fair Trade ground roast ready to do it’s magic.  Meanwhile I opened the back bacon from Choices and laid it out on the new grey and white dishes.  “I like these, “ she said when I served up  Me and Ed’s pizza on them last night .

" $69 4 piece place setting from Canadian Tire.” I said.  They replaced the chipped and stained white set I’d got from there nearly a decade back. 

We’d watched a combination of Start Trek with Captain Picard and NCIS Los Angeles with Heddy., one on regular tv alternating with Apple TV. The night ended on the Pinkertons with those great Canadian actors Martha MacIsaac and  Jacob Blair.

“I’ve been working so hard with all these clinics and everyone so demanding and not enough time and commuting on the bus, I just get home and collapse at night, eat, sleep work, “ she said. “I’m not young anymore, all I want to do is this on Friday day.”  

“I’m the same I said. I can’t think by Friday.  It’s like my brains exhausted . I’ve been working evenings and weekends for months with closing the office and moving to other clinics.  And the winter has gone on too long. Oh And by the way, I don’t think you look old. I think you look young and beautiful.  Gilbert and I just love your company.  You really make our Friday evening hundreds of times better.  Gilbert loves you. "

“Ah thanks” she said, pretty in pink

It was raining cats and dogs but the neighbour had come by to tell me there were 90 mile an hour winds forecast for the night. I took in my awning. I’d been running my Harley Electrogilide which revved right up after having the battery tender on it over night.  

I called Thaun Vo at Rand and Fowler. He’s this incredibly responsible helpful insurance fellow whose taken care of keeping track of my vehicle insurance.  When Laura gets out of the bath we’re off to Trev Deely. Thon texted me this morning he’s going to be there around noon doing insurance for another motorcyclist. Laura and I figured it was a good excuse for an outing and a chance to look at the new bikes.

Below follows at typical consumer age mind loop. In this case it applies to motorcycles but it can apply to anything, towels, wallets, bed spreads, homes ….I believe others do this, an attempt to get just the right thing for a particular time and by the time you get it paid off life has moved on and what was perfect is not not just quite right so in the ‘change’ generation we trade in or throw away and everything is in flux with behaviour coupled to consumer reports and internet news and manufacturer goals.  It’s burdensome and I think at times of returning to the bicycle days but my colleague’s bicycle is $20,000 and mine is a few hundred dollars. I fear if I tried to ‘size down’ rather than ‘super size’ I’d still be dissatisfied so ‘acceptance’ and ‘appreciating what one has’ is the answer.   Today’s consumerism leads to ‘disposable people’ and ‘disposable relationships’ which are the norm in this culture.  

(I’ve got this idea that I’d like to trade down my big Harley Davidson Electroglyde for the new Touring 1200 in the sportier class. I love my 1600 Electroglide on the highway. It really is the bike for the American Freeway. The  40 thousand mile ride to Sturges on the Electroglide was incredible.  Laura is not as keen on riding passenger on a motorcycle. She really does prefer the new Ford F350 lariat edition truck as does Gilbert.  I don’t think I’ll be riding to Sturges again.  Indeed it i go again and I’d love to I’ld like to bring the bike in the back of my Energy Toyhauler pulled by the truck. When I was at my brother’s at Haybay in Nappanee I really enjoyed the Yamaha 250 simply for lightness and maneuverability. I loved my Honda CRF 250’s in the day too because they’re just so maneuverable.  Great for the city but also weekends. My 600 cc Buell Blast was another fantastic bike for city and good for country roads on the weekend. The Harley Davidson 1200 cc Roadster was my favourite bike till the Electroglide. I really got the Electroglide for Laura and Gilbert and I.  Either Laura and I or Gilbert and I had enjoyed the 1200 cc Roadster.  It really was a great country and city bike and half the weight of my Electroglide which I really do love.  It took me a year  or two before I traded in my  last truck this truck because of all these kinds of considerations and discussions .  Dave suggested I really could lighten up the Electroglyde by stripping off some of the cruising extras.  So that’s an idea. That’s what ‘chopper’s are and I really love the 1600 cc engine.  My right shoulder isn’t strong like it was with the neck issue. Richard Cho my motorcycling chiropractor friend solves the weakness in the arm and shoulder every time I see him but I just don’t get in enough to deal with it.  Meanwhile Derek Baker who was my personal trainer gave me exercises which would strengthen me but instead I think of getting a lighter bike. I could just swim more and be satisfied with what I’ve got.

“Don’t you love the towel hanger”  I called out to Laura when she was went into the bathroom. Gilbert had followed her in like a personal body guard checking it out for invading weiner dogs or aliens.  Now he was lying in front of the door guarding it for her.

“Yes, it’s lovely”.  For a couple of  years I’d had this towel rack  I’d installed that periodically came lose and fell down. It really was a nuisance. I’d found an old fashioned one with simple screws and wood and now was sure it wouldn’t come loose.  No more towel hanger crashes when you were naked getting in or out of the shower.  

Syria has had another chemical gas attack.

Vimy Ridge, in the time of chemical warfare, was having it’s 100 year celebration of the Canadians turning the tide for the British Empire.  War.

President Trump just sent 59 Tomohawk Cruise Missiles into Syria to destroy Assad’s MIGS and the warehouses where apparently chemical gas was stored. It’s possible the Rebels staged the gas attack or that the CIA and former KGB did it. It’s even possible that CNN noting decreased ratings blew up a chemical bomb in Syria to get more television watchers.  For all we know Mila Cyress and the Kardashians blew up the gas as a test for a new reality tv show.  No one knows anything except George Carlin and Leonard Cohen and they’re dead.

It’s all above my pay grade.  

I’m amused at the certainty people have and how hard they cling to illusions like Climate Change and the new comfort words like ‘diversity’ and ‘multicultural’.  Meanwhile everyone who counts knows multicultural means ‘uncultured’.  But it’s all just intellectualism and Justin Trudeau sounds silly in both French and English.  His jargon filled babble makes one think of the days when the Catholic Church ruled and everyone who mattered talked in Latin. Now  hypocrisy is all we get with the increased transparency is lies and psychobabble weaponized words like Islamaphobia..  Feminists fight for Sharia Law in Canada as Freedom of Speech is destroyed by the M 103 motion of Islamaphobia.  Now Canadians  who say Allah is a fiction can be castigated and eventually imprisoned or beheaded.  Ironic that a once secular nation now under Justin Trudeau fights to allow Muslims to pray in the school whereas his father Pierre Trudeau celebrated the abortion of Christians and Catholics with that greatest Canadian “Mad Man Murferer Mortgentaller.  Because he as a jew killed off all the Christian children now Canada adopts Muslims who want to kill all the Jews.   It’s a weird world.  Putin just acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel while the UN said that Jews were not in Israel before the 1940. The UN noted for its lies about Climate Change also considers the Bible to be a lie.  It’s hard to believe such nutbars or science or history given the UN”s records to date.  

I understand old people who watch the news eventually wanting to die.  My father said as did his war buddies, “If we’d known this is what Canada was to become, none of us would have fought in the war.”  The old are sad. Everyone I know who is not wealthy and privileged uber upper class like the Trudeau’s worry about growing old with decreasing health care and no housing except barracks for the old. .

I’ve just had to pay for hearing aids.  A life time of paying taxes for Medical Care and Health Care and when it comes to my falling asleep at work and being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea I had to pay thousands out of pocket or die young of stroke and heart disease for my CPAP machine. . Now unable to hear my patients at work  I find out I have to pay thousands  again for hearing aids. I just got back from the dentist where thousands of dollars pays for my dental care and the pain is relieved but if I’d wanted I could have skipped the dentist and got Inside heroin treatment.  There are diseases of privilege and I don’t have those ones.  Yet to hear Justin Trudeau who gives billions to beurocrats and terrorist organizations we’re supposed to be always thankful. The taxpayers are probably paying for his Rogaine and implants.  


And yes, spiritually I’m struggling because I truly believe that God is good. This world is God’s world.  The Lord is in charge. Jesus died and the Cosmic Christ changed the world to one in which we as Christians know heaven. I can know heaven on earth if I simply accept Jesus.  Accepting Jesus means that I forgive Justin Trudeau. I also consider that Justin Trudeau’s stupidity is what makes me turn more to the Lord. There is no peace on earth with Justin Trudeau as ruler. He’s inciting war and marxist class struggle and all of that. But this is Gods’ world and I have to trust in God. God made Justin Trudeau.  Just the same way God made the snake in the Garden of Eden. There is no duality.  All comes from God and I have to love all as God loves all.

So my very spiritual development depends on my loving Justin Trudeau.  This concerns me.  it’s where the rubber hits the road.  Thank you God for Justin Trudeau.  Thank you God for CBC news. The lies and disinformation of CBC news makes the demonic look saintly.  But thank you Lord because the problem as I know is within, it’s in my thinking and focus so help me Lord see as you see with love and forgivements. Help me focus on the good .  

St. Francis Grant me Serentity!



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