Saturday, January 21, 2017

Vancouver Boat Show and the God Kids

The Vancouver Boat Show at BC Place is an annual must go event. Unfortunately this year it overlapped with the Vancouver Motorcycle Show which is another annual must go event.  And further the SFU Robbie Burns Dinner, yet another must go Vancouver event occurred on the same weekend.  What a confluence of must go! We really did need that cloning technology we have been waiting for! I would gladly have been in three places but most of all I wanted to go to the Vancouver Boat Show. I’ve been going for over 30 years, loving it always.
Besides we invited Kevin and Anna and the God Kids to join us knowing how popular the event is for families.  The God Kids are really into the fishing and water sports and too young for motorcycles.  It remains to be seen what a year without Robbie Burns , the SFU Pipe Band and Haggis will do for me. I fear without haggis I will suffer some loss of mystical potency.
Tom who I sailed back from Hawaii with on my SV GIRI is more into boats and was keen to attend the Vancouver Boat Show.  His sailing vessel Naoimi is a beautiful sailing ship moored here. My SV GIRI is presently resting up on land in the east.  I still have the AB hard bottomed inflatable with Honda 30 hp engine I got at this boat show a few years ago.  We’ve been meaning to get it out on the ocean for fishing. It’s was last used last year ferrying us out to the islands in the interior for deer hunting.  I love boats and the Vancouver Boat Show is the best place to see all that’s available with the very best deals of the year.  A lot of  places maintain the boat show prices for a week or so after.
At Steveston’s I got Anna and Kevin a couple of radio’s if they ever get separated when they are out boating and canoeing.  The kids were happy with little hand made life rings that Kevin figured they’d really like. We all had our favourite boats. The girls liked the luxury power boats whereas Kevin loved the heavy duty aluminum boats that looked liked they would survive anything.  This year my favourite back loading ATV carrying aluminum boat wasn’t there but the luxury tug boats were. Tom loved the Honda 350 engine and the Mercury 400 engine best.
I want the Yamaha Wave Runner.  It’s a toss up with the 70 hp Seadoo.  But really, I’ve my Harley for the land and ‘need’ a motorcycle equivalent for the water. I’ve been thinking this for several years now and feel like Gilbert my dog does when he sees a yellow ball.
We stopped in the food court for fish and chips from Steveston and enjoyed the break. The kids need to be fueled and once fueled went to the Kid Zone where they were a going concern.
“You’re making me have big dreams,” Kevin said.
“I guess so. I see things at the Vancouver Boat Show I like and over the years Jesus has given me the work and will to pursue them.”  I was showing him the Kevlar Prospector  canoe that I bought nearly two decades ago when I thought it was something I’d never be able to afford. I bought it at the Western Canoeing and Kayaking store having seen them at the boat show.   Anna and Kevin were looking at a kayak and a hobie they could see taking the kids together in.  It wasn’t in their budget this year.
 “But who knows next year?” I said.  “It’s inspirational consumerism of the best sort.”
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this kind of consumerism. I work for service first and enjoy being paid so I can enjoy the fruits of my labour. There’s a minimalist part of me that wants to return to the canoe and bicycle phase of my life but I like that I’ve supported the highest levels of engineering and those working to produce better and better watersport equipment. I can certainly say my sailboat and all my boats throughout my life  have given me the greatest joy.
I loved seeing Anthony Dalton, my incredibly accomplished writer friend from the Royal Geographical Society, Past President of the Canadian Author’s Association.  His non fiction books are the greatest but I was able to get from him at the show his latest historical fiction book, The Mathematician’s Journey.
We all really did enjoy the Vancouver Boat Show. It was Kevin and Anna and the God Kids first one and they said they were truly amazed.
After the boat show we headed out in different vehicles to meet up at the Cactus Club on Broadway near Granville beside Chapters Bookstore. While the kids ate, the adults discussed  the inauguration of Donald Trump as the new US President.  The Cactus Club service was wonderful.  The kids were perfectly well behaved eating up little hamburgers with the relish and enjoyment I’m used to seeing with Gilbert, my dog. It’s fun to watch kids eat.  Actually it’s all round fun to be around such good kids.  I’m thankful for the God Kids and were it not for church I’d really not have much contact with children at all.  These guys and gals are the best.  The adults all had peppercorn steaks, my Cactus Club favourite, followed by their scrumptious cheese cake. The kids had raspberries after their meal then became mesmerized with the big fish tank the restaurant has.  After seeing all the fishing gear at the Boat Show I don’t think the fish would like to think what those little minds were thinking at that time.
The Vancouver Boat Show certainly gives one a reason to work and endless possibilities for play.
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