Monday, January 9, 2017

Gratitude , Vancouver 2017

Thank you Lord for heat. Especially thank you for electric blankets and electric heater fans. Thank you for propane heat too. Thank you for the heat of a little dogs body lying next to yours in the chilly northern night.
Thank you for the hot coffee. Thank you for the cream and honey. Thank you for the porridge and yoghurt.  Thank you for clothing and showers and shaving utensils .Thank you for the little things I take for granted.
Thank you for this day. Thank you for my relationship with a higher power and sobriety. Thank you for this new year.
Thank you that my ‘cold’ isn’t worse.  Thank you for work and routine and ways to be of service. Thank you for this body.
Thank you for the computer and keyboard. Thank you for a place to record, the memories, the mind, the neurological connections, the learning, the whole 'gone before' stuff.
Thank you for writing. Thank you for blogging. Thank you for poetry. Thank you for my old love of journalism. Will I get back to writing stories? Will I write the novel? Thank you for the Canadian Authors Association. Thank you for BlueWater Cruising Association. Thank you for the Baptist Church, the Pentecostal Church, the United Church, the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, the Community church. Thank you for all the pastors and holy teaching that I have been so blessed to be apart of .
Thank you for the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, the Canadian Medical Association and the BCMA and the Royal Canadian Society of specialists.
Thank you for science. Thank you for neurochemistry. Thank you for anatomy and physiology and all that I have learned.
Thank you for friends. Thank you for family.Especially thank you for this little dog Gilbert.
Thank you for vehicles . Thank you for my Miata.  It’s been such a happy little car.  Thank you for my Harley and please bring the weather that will enable me to ride it. Thank you for Charles. Thank you for the SV Girl.
Thank you for everything Lord. Help me to see you in all of creation. Help me to see you in the light and the dark. Guide me today in what it is that I would do to most serve you. Help me to know the way Lord.  Help me to be  better  in all my endeavours.
Thy will be done. Not my will.
Protect me Lord from Lies and False Allegations, from the dangerously insane.  I know that is my work but really Lord I am so tired of the attacks from all over. I am like a medic in a war and please Lord let me treat the wounded and not be forever watching out for snipers and bombs and rabid dogs.  Help me to be a better doctor. Help me to be more honest and true. Help me to be discerning. Help me to be loving of my fellow man and woman and more patient and kind.  Guide me Lord.  Protect me.
Help me Lord. I am so afraid at times . I am in so much pain at times.  I am thankful for your solace and sustenance.  Help me Lord to see you in all and to have greater faith and trust.
Thank you for this day Lord.  Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me.  Holy Spirit come.

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