Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hannah and Caleb Wedding, Faith Fellowship Baptist Church, Vancouver

Aim became my assistant a number of years ago while she was completing her PhD.  Her friend Joanne worked with me too. Joanne was completing her Masters Program.  Aim met Marc, married and moved to Sydney Australia.  Joanne met her beau and we’re still waiting.  She might be the next.  Joanne was friends with Hannah’s sister so when Joanne moved on to bigger and better things with completion of her degree, Hannah came to work with me.  Consequently I met Caleb.  Hannah is a true jewel.  I’ve been really blessed with assistants.  Aim, hearing happily that Hannah was getting married, said that my office was the ‘office of love’. We all think it’s Gilbert’s influence. Gilbert, my cockapoo is the real boss at the office and he brings out the maternal in women.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all the Pagarigans, one of the finest families I’ve ever been privileged to know. The only thing I have to do is keep an eye on Mr. Pagarigan when I’ve left my Harley at his house because Mida, his wife says, he’d love to ride off on it.  Mida, a nurse who cares for the sickest of babies is a sweetheart of the first order.  All of them would argue that it’s their relationship with Jesus that has made their family and lives what they are.  Hannah was the music director of her church when she worked for me.  Now she’s working in Genetics Research.  Mida is just hopeful she’ll have grandchildren finally .
Caleb is a very lucky man and knows it. He’s intelligent, caring and respectful with a great sense of humour.  Laura and I loved attending their wedding. Faith Fellowship Baptist Church was a wonderful experience.  I didn’t bring Gilbert only because I was afraid he’d leap into Hannah’s lap taking no notice of her gorgeous wedding dress.  
The decorations of the church were beautiful.  The gowns were exquisite. I loved the music.  Later we loved the food most of which was a labour of love and brought by friends and family.  The service was centering. The pastor was very special.  The shoe game was a lark.  The people we met were all so friendly and welcoming. I loved seeing the love of Hannah and Caleb celebrated in marriage before Christ and community.
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