Sunday, March 8, 2015

BC Boat and Sportsman Show, Tradex, March, 2015

While Gilbert the hunting cockapoo guarded the Ford F350 truck, Laura and I attended the Abbotsford Tradex  BC Boat and Sportsman Show.  I’d seen it advertised in the BC Wildlife Association’s emails.  It really was worth the stop and the $16 admission.  A month or two back, we’d been to the big Vancouver Boat show at Rogers Arena.  It features yachts and speed boats and everything you could want from marinas and ocean boating.
This show was the place where fishing boats for lakes and streams were highlighted.  Not that the boats couldn’t be used on the ocean but mainly they were fishing boats rather than cruisers.
I did love seeing the Sea Doo’s again. If I win a lottery I will get one of the snowmobiles and a terrific high speed sea foo just for the fun.  The Can Am exhibit of ATV’s, Sea Doos, snowmobiles and Spyders  was my favourite.  I loved the snowmobile too.  Living in Vancouver there's no need for a snowmobile but I think if I ever visit Eastern Canada I really should take one with me if only to get from my car to the house I'm visiting.
The Ninebot robot electric 2 wheel riding machine I tried out was good for 30 km's on a charge and did 20 km's per hour. I'm not going to trade in my Harley Davidson today but I could see packing that in a saddlebag for getting about at one's destination.
There was all kinds of hunting gear, rifles, binoculars, boots and gear.  Italian Sporting Goods had a great exhibit. Every rod and reel known to man was displayed at several different booths.  Just an all round heavenly show.
Laura and I had hotdogs and just loved looking at all the mouth watering "good stuff".  Somehow we got away with only buying a long leather leash for Gilbert and some motorcycle suspenders for me.  We did compare my toy hauler with the heavy duty ones there. The Kenetreks boot were awesome but I ‘m still loving my relatively new Keens.
I almost got a another spotting scope. I have one but it’s buried itself into the bottom of my storage locker where it’s setting up a defensive perimeter to ensure I never find it again.  Of course once I buy a new one, these old ones things hiding in the storage locker get jealous, suddenly appear and make me feel like an idiot.
The best design exhibit was the Langley guys with all manner of solutions for carrying boats and ATV’s on the back of a truck.  Their prices were spectacular and I can easily see myself next winter calling them up to improve my truck’s hauling capacity.  Right now I ‘ve no more money for toys.  When we returned we saw that good dog Gilbert had guarded not just the truck but my new Ruger Mini 14 which I’d yet to fire.  That's the reason I have no money for more toys.  My birthday present to myself this year.
The original plan for the weekend had been boating but both Laura and I came down with the cough sinus flu so plans changed to going out to Harrison’s for hot springs and rest.  (And shooting the virgin new birthday present rifle.)  Stopping on the way at this Tradex show was a real bonus.
Great show!
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