Wednesday, December 24, 2008


In the Beginning there was God and God created the Big Bang. The basic idea of Christmas is that God became a man. Clearly he'd already become man because we're all made of God stuff.

The creator creates out of self or non self but regardless the zero or one become the many and now the many become zero or one. Old Jerusalem and New Jerusalem. The linear occidentals favour one and while the circular orientals favour zero. It's an east-west thing. The story's in the middle east so it's mostly transcendental.

Jesus was born in tough times: mass baby killings and crucifixions. Old Romans were far worse than the New Roman Americans. They were bad guys despite their latin poetry and road building comparable to the nazis without their autobahns and volkswagons. Engineers had better press in the old testament. The Old Romans supported the Herods like the New Romans supported Saddam Hussein.

Sometime after spitting up and baby talk Jesus said, "My father and I are one." He also did the Keanu Matrix stuff like walking on water and raising the dead. Aldous Huxley showed that the Perenial Philosophy had been around a long time so it's not just the Q teachings that got and kept people's attention.

Armies of lepers followed Jesus. It's said he's all or nothing. Imagine all the HIV positive and those with AIDs marching on Washington. Sick peope are the least likely to get up and walk. That's just what they did around Jesus,albeit, he gave them a helping hand.

His disciples weren't the swiftest, either. Once he was gone they whacked the first thief among them even though Jesus talked mostly about forgiveness. He died between robbers and told one he'd join him in heaven.

Jesus was a criminal. He'd get the electric chair today. Contemporary Christians should be wearing gold electric chair jewelry . Which is just one more reason for denying the government capital punishment. It's not like it's been infallible.

"Forgive them for they know not what they do," was as inappropriate as Jesus' politically incorrect injunction to "Love your enemy."

He revealed the Trinity 'relationship' God, the three in one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Identify with the crucified son and no doubt someone will say ,"Get off the cross, we can use the wood." We're all victims or sinners and the father is Joseph or God depending on perspective. It was an immaculate conception.

Only as an adult did I know my Mom was the Holy Spirit.

She knew when we were bad or good better than Santa. But it wasn't until much later that I learned the CIA,NASA and the gadget guys from James Bond and Get Smart let mothers beta test their latest lie detectors, tracking devices and eyes in the back of their head surveillance systems before any of us kids knew such things existed.

Jesus preached the Family God. Interlocking triangles.

I sang car0ls this week in Heavens Waiting Room among wheelchairs and drool. The local minister brought cheer with her piano playing and carole singing. She rallied the troops. All around me they looked pretty beat up. They were smiling though. Maybe some were grimacing. Dementia probably looks worse on the outside like alot of things.

Meanwhile I’m reading the Shack, by Wm Paul Young, a Christmas gift from my friend George. MRI studies have shown that giving lights up the brain nucleus accumbens and hypothalamus in the same way chocolates do.

"Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachtani?" (My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?) Jesus said it first. But that's the middle of the story.

Now it's Bethlehem, shepherds, stars, angels, wisemen and donkeys.


detourcy said...

The disciples were actually well to do members of the merchant class. Etc.
Perhaps better to attack me myself, rather than my daughter??

It is 12.21 here & therefore Xmas Day. Enjoy.

haykind said...
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haykind said...

In the Shack, Young has both the Father God, Creator, a woman called Papa, and the son, Jesus with scars. While no "attack" is intended in the season of peace on earth, the message of the day was that if you hurt anyone of God's children, you hurt God and suffer the consequence. I am finding the young have newer faster ram's and better o/s. The greater gigabyte capacity of the elder is limitted by the parental controls on the search engine. I've had the delightful experience these last few days managing a case with a young internist and a young er doctor. I've envied their clarity and confidence unburdened as they are by the grief of experience. My friend wrote to say her grandaughter listened to the heart beat of her unborn sister. It's a good time of year. This celebration of rebirth. The pagan festival coupled with this cosmic regenerative symbol. I am knee deep in snow and must find my car each day to go to and from the hospital. A white blanket covers all and the flakes continue to fall. I have faith in spring. There is hope in new life. We all worked to save this boy whose insaniety took him far beyond the timberline in the dead of winter. I've slept better since we found him. He's warm again but far from home. That's a whole other story. Peace on earth. Good will to all men and women.