Thursday, November 13, 2008


-William Hay

I knew a woman doctor once
Who would not pay her taxes
Because she did not believe in war.
They threatened her with jail somewhere
When natives I knew preferred the jails
To the winter reservation,
Long after the Residential schools
Had been closed.

So who will get the new Sacrifice Medal
Which excludes those hit by "friendly" fire,
As if it never happened in Afganistan
Long after the Mulroney Chretien twins.

In the shadow of 9-11 and the hope of Obama
In prayers for peace
That Martin Luther, Gandhi and Sister Theresa
Aren't just names like Jesus has become.

China bails out America
As individuals flounder with birds in the oil spills
And corporate captains first leave ships
Without tradition and without face
Knowing judges have been paid in Florida
As the last train coast music dies
Only to be heard again in Indy.
There is no truth but Hollywood.

For you,my love
Half crazed, with pulcritude
Swimming in irony,
Your breath on mine
Wake me still
Dreaming this Court of Lear
Where they talk of silly things
As if we were not born yesterday,

Good Morning, America!
Canada, where are you?

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