Thursday, November 27, 2008

2008 Vancouver Toy Run

This is the Annual Vancouver Toy Run! Every year motorcyclists all over the world have 'toy run's' to give kids in hospitals toys at Christmas. Those are toys on the back of the bikes. It was awesome to be apart of something so good. Riding my Harley in that staggered line that weaved through Vancouver with the police themselves out on their bikes, it was a really fine feeling. I'd been part of the Ride for Dad earlier in the year which raised money for prostate cancer research. That run started from Trev Deely Harley Dealership on Boundary with an opening prayer from the minister of the Westcoast Biker Church.
All over the country non biker but similiar events are done for some charity. Walkers, runners, dart throwers, car washers, whatever. Doing something for charity raises a mundane individual and secular activity to a community and spiritual plane.
I remember organizing a caroling group for the children's hospital as a teen ager and how much fun we had singing badly door to door knowing we were raising money for these sick kids.
This summer I liked seeing the Kiwanis making breakfasts for a group of drunks on Salt Spring Island. I've seen the Mason's cars getting people to the hospital whereas the Shriners are forever setting up burn units as their charity. All those community clubs listed along with the churches on a sign outside of towns do a lot of good. Either Kiwanis or Rotary donated the first incubator at the country hospital where I first delivered babies.
Last Sunday I was at a couple of churches where each were engaged in feeding the homeless, all aspects of the weekly 'food kitchen' done by church volunteers.
I just thought tonight of how much is done in the name of charity and just how many volunteer and extracurricular events are going on all around us. This is the real glue of society. It's hard not to notice a charity biker run. We're as loud and proud as the annual Gay Pride parade, itself a charity event, but in our own biker way. But there's quilters out there and quiet people doing things for the troops overseas. It's the Christmas season but this charity goes on all year and it's really what makes people more than the sum of their parts. Mostly it feels good. I'm proud to be human just thinking about the good things people do for others.

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