Friday, September 18, 2015

Early Music Vancouver - Brandenburg Concertos - Playhouse Theatre

What a joy full evening!.  What incredible music by the most accomplished musicians! I know I could have been hunting. I would never give up a Friday for a fall concert. Except I’m truly loving Early Music Vancouver.  Laura and I have attended several of their performances and each has been a dream evening.  And Bach is my all time favourite composer. And the Brandenburg Concertos my all time favourite composition. To tell the truth, my favourite album is the Brandenburg Concertos by the Scottish Ensemble.  I’ve had many albums but that is the one that most speaks to my genes.
Yet tonight Alexander Weiman, the music director. was unsurpassed.  He is to be esteemed for the coordination and drawing out the very best in a collection of the most enthusiastic and accomplished performers.   He also plays a really mean harpsichord!  Chloe Meyers, Concertmaster violinist was a delight to hear and watch.  Her whole body plays the violin. She was exquisite.  Kris Kwapis played the trumpet with an remarkable light heartedness and sensitivity that really cheered my soul.  Mathew Jennejohne, oboe and recorder soloist was a treat to watch and hear.  A small town Vernon boy he’s gone on to be internationally reknowned as his performanced tonight showed he so well deserves.  Vincent Lauzer, recorder soloist, had the audience nearly dancing in their seats at one point.  I am sure his DNA is part bird.  But Beilang Zhu, cello soloist was so refined and almost understated.  It was only when she played opposite to Lauzur’s recorder that her divine gift and poise were most apparent.  What a talent!
But all together the collection of artists were, with the amazing timing of Alexander Weiman, what made the nights performance so enthralling.
The evening Included works by Teleman, friend and competitor of Bach in his day.  The first concert for Trumpet, Violin, Cello, and Strings in D Major was heavenly.  I felt I was transported in time and space to a rarefied place of art and music.  A wonderful choice to begin a truly rewarding night.  I am thankful to have learned of Teleman but I’d have felt the night was worth missing chasing venison for just to hear Bach’s Brandenburg concert #4 performed so very very well.  Then finally to hear the finale Brandenburg Concert #2 was transformative. I will forever remember this evening with great gratitude.
I fell in love with Bach more than 40 years ago. Perhaps it was the organ concerts I attended while living in London in my 20’s.  Later I’d sit in church and so love the mathematics of Bach’s divine music. Then one time after a divorce when I felt my mind was lost with despair  I listened over and over again to the Brandenburg Concertos. I  felt somehow the matrix of my mind was being healed  by the perfect music of Bach.  My soul was uplifted.
Now I've been blessed by another night of Early Music Vancouver. I’m so glad I’ve lived to hear tonights Brandenburg Concertos performed as I believe Bach himself would have truly wished.

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