Monday, August 11, 2014

English Bay, Gilbert and the SV GIRI

On Friday I had the pleasure of 8 persons, counting Gilbert, the Cockapoo dog, as a person,  on board the SV GIri.  It was a good meeting indeed. Paul, John, Michel, Vivian, Karen, Rupi.  Sailing and conversation. Beautiful weather. Light winds with sunny blue skies.  Warm then hot then cool evening.  We’d left at  3 pm and got back at 9.  Thanks to Subway we had sandwiches and ginger ale in English Bay off Kits Beach.  I don’t know what I was thinking, but I never took a photo.
Next day nearly everyone there on the boat joined Keren for her celebration.  Another good time was had by all.
That done Gilbert and I were free to cast off ourselves. It was nearly 3 when the SV GIRI left dock.  I had the fast hard bottomed Profile  with the 20 hp Honda in tow. Coal Harbour was busy with freighters coming and going.  The tide was against me and the current at First Narrows was 5 knots.   FOT with the new engine I can get maybe 6 or 7 but towing the dinghy I lost a knot.  Still we made it through, slowly, with a big freighter coming in then another blowing it’s horn on the way out. I had to stay close over where the depth was 40 feet. Sailing is always 3 dimensional. Wind and currents..
In English Bay, with everyone on board, on Friday we’d enjoyed sailing. It’s so peaceful.  I could have put the sails up but my plan was to simply motor  to Kits and anchor.  So that’s what we did.  Once there I dove in the warm clear ocean and aome out on the dinghy. It took a little more upper body strength than I anticipated  to get myself out.  It was fun though. Then I had the dinghy up against the boat planning to switch the harness to the floating one I’d bought at West Marine.  The dea of a snorkelling underwater to switch the harness seemed liked a good one.  I found flippers but no mask or snorkel. I’ve a fine set in my scuba gear but figured an extra one should “live" on board the boat.
To this end, Gilbert and I had an excuse to go into Granville Island. Gilbert loves going ashore.
After swimming I’d been in the cockpit reading  William C. Dietz excellent captivating exciting sci fi novel “For More than Glory”.  An earth legionnaire is tasked to lead a platoon on a newly opened primitive planet where the other advanced off world advanced races, including insect like creatures, bird like creatures and walking shark like creatures were all competing to get business from the primitive beauty obsessed new world tyrant.  In the fight for mineral rights and the rapid change in culture , religious groups and palace in fights were taking place. An interstellar war was about to be triggered again. Meanwhile the beautiful diplomat fancies the handsome soldier who naturally fancies her.  There’s lots of cyborgs and machines, gun fire, bombs,  intrigue and adventure.
 All of this is boring to Gilbert. Intermittently he indicates by climbing all over me and licking my ears, he’s bored.  He’d rather be pissing on  bushes and sniffing other dogs asses.  He naps and dreams of sniffing asses.
The  Harbour Police stopped me for speeding.  I just love my profile plane.  The police were less impressed. 5 knots at the entrance of False Creek. I was lucky to get just a warning.  That’s when I realized I didn’t have a lifejacket for myself.  Gilbert looks great in the form fitting dashing orange one AJ and Kevin got him.  I’d put my dinghy life jacket on the big boat to accommodate guests.  After docking at the market, Gilbert and I walked up to West Marine where we got another life jacket.  Unfortunately Rowand’s Reef was closed so I couldn’t get a spare mask and snorkel.
Gilbert dumped in the middle of the sidewalk. I didn’t have a poop bag. I did find a discarded Starbucks plastic cup, and using a twig scooped up, Gilbert’s gift, and gave it to some nearby bushes. He’d rather his message have remained in the centre of the sidewalk.
In Falsec Cree,  here were all kinds  of folk standing on these paddle boards paddling themselves about.  In addition a lot of others seemed into sea doos.  Lots of these one or two person water equivalents of motorcycles out in the harbour and the bay.  Neither of these were that prevalent only a year or two ago. Of course there were power boats, yachts, kayaks,  sailboats and the little False Creek ferries.
Gilbert was pleased with the expedition.  I gave him his dinner when I got back, making myself a roast beef sandwich that he insisted on tasting as well.  More ginger ale, fruit and later coffee.  Life is rough.  What a lovely sunny relaxing day.
The biggest moon of the year came out. In bed by 10 am I woke at 4 am, checked everything then read some more, eating a peanut butter sandwich.  Another hour reading. I loved having a book that was so exciting it caused me to lose sleep.  William C. Dietz is a great writer.   Another look at the spectacular moon over the night time Vancouver and  I trundled myself back to bed.
I think Gilbert started trying to wake me at the usual  6  am. 8 30 I rolled out of bed.  Gilbert interrupted my prayers. I think he’s a dyslexic telepath and when he hears me mentally calling on God , he thinks I’m calling dog.
Now I’ve had breakfast of granola, a couple of cups of coffee, and read all morning.  Well, I did go out on deck. The sun is magnificent. It could be Honolulu.   I’m reminded of Mexico too. I enjoyed listening to the new  stereo yesterday. Dylan.  Bach.  Cohen.  Third Day.
I’ve got the wire to run to the outdoor speakers. It’s another task I can procrastinate on.  The boat is so functional and everything that “needs” to be done is done.   My new Volvo Penta engine installed by Stem to Stern is running like a dream. I really appreciate the North Sail genoa. Protech’s new life lines are so reassuring.  I’ve 6 days of sailing coming up soon too.
Right now I feel like I’m at the best of cottages, bouncing around at anchor off Kits Beach.  Vancouver beaches are really the best.  I can look over and see everyone enjoying themselves.  I really should go into Rowands and get a mask and snorkel. I could fix the bedroom door, just a little carpentry is needed. There’s the speaker wires that ’need’ installing.  I could just jump in and go for a swim.  But the William C. Dietz novel is calling me.  I don’t even feel guilty.

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